54-Credit Part-Time MBA Option

Beginning Fall 2017, the total credits for our Part-Time MBA curriculum have been reduced to 54, down from 60 credits. Here's what you need to know. 


What changes

  • The total number of credits needed to complete the Part-Time MBA
  • Concentration requirements: Students can select a primary and secondary concentration. A primary concentration will typically include more credits than required for the secondary concentration.
  • Advanced standing/challenge exam credits will not be awarded under the new curriculum and will be forfeited if switching into this curriculum.


What stays the same

  • Core, foundation, and team consulting requirements
  • Course quality, content and faculty


See a full breakdown of the new 54-credit Part-Time MBA curriculum.


What this means for current Part-Time MBA students

If you are a current Part-Time MBA student who enrolled in the program before Fall 2017, you have the option of staying in the original 60-credit program you were admitted to or moving to the new 54-credit program. If you move to the reduced-credit curriculum, you will lose current advance standing and/or challenge exam credits and will need to make up those credits by completing higher level and more advanced courses in that academic area. If you do not want to lose those credits, you must stay in the 60-credit curriculum. 


How to switch

Please speak to your academic advisor to discuss your options and how it will impact you. 

If you want to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum, you must complete and submit a request form to your academic advisor no later than June 1, 2017. 


The fine print

The 54-credit curriculum option goes into effect Fall 2017 and is only available to Part-Time MBA students who enrolled in the program before Fall 2017. Further, Part-Time MBA students admitted in or after Fall 2017 do not have the option to pursue the 60-credit curriculum. There are no advanced standing or challenge exam credits awarded under the new curriculum. 

This curriculum change does not in any way impact the 60-credit Full-Time MBA experience.