Accounting MBA Curriculum

Course and credit requirements have changed for current Part-Time MBA students (enrolled prior to Fall 2017) who have opted to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum. Please visit this page for a full breakdown of adjusted curriculum requirements for the 54-credit Part-Time MBA.


Credit totals may vary per group depending on the courses taken.
Speak with an advisor for questions related to degree completeness.

This concentration is comprised of 7 courses (21 credits).

Students must choose 1 of 2 areas to focus on:

Important Change: Students taking the CPA exam on or after July 1, 2017 will need to have completed 24 total credits (21 concentration credits + 3-credit core Accounting for Managers course). This requirement applies regardless of when you started the academic program. The concentration can be completed with a minimum of 6 courses (18 credits) for students with 3 credits of accounting successfully completed at the undergraduate level or at another graduate program outside of Rutgers. This change does not impact students taking the CPA exam before July 1, 2017. 

Please refer to the NJCPA website for more detailed information on the changes to the New Jersey CPA requirements

Area 1: CPA Exam Content

Required Courses

Course # Title Cr
22:835:604 Auditing Concepts 3
22:835:603 Income Taxation* 3
22:835:501 Intermediate Accounting I 3
22:835:502 Intermediate Accounting II 3
22:835:627 Managerial and Cost Accounting** 3

*Note: This course may also be listed with course number 22:010:603.

**Note: This course is also listed as Management Accounting and Control (22:010:601).


CPA Track - Course Offerings by Term
This schedule is subject to change.

Auditing Concepts (22:835:604)
  • Fall: Newark Campus / Day
  • Spring: n/a
  • Summer: Online
Income Taxation (22:835:603)
  • Fall: Newark Campus / Day & Evening
  • Spring: n/a
  • Summer: n/a
Intermediate Accounting I (22:835:501)
  • Fall: Newark Campus / Day
  • Spring: Livingston Campus / Evening
  • Summer: n/a
Intermediate Accounting II (22:835:502)
  • Fall: n/a
  • Spring: Newark Campus / Day
  • Summer: Livingston Campus / Evening
Managerial and Cost Accounting (22:835:627)
  • Fall: Livingston Campus / Evening
  • Spring: Newark Campus / Day
  • Summer: n/a


(Choose 1 course)

Course # Title Cr
22:010:660 Accounting for the Digital Era 3
22:835:628 Advanced Accounting Research* 3
22:835:626 Advanced Auditing and Accounting Information Systems 3
22:835:625 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
22:010:661 Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance 3
22:010:605 Corporate Income Taxation 3
22:010:648 Decoding of Corporate Financial Communications 3
22:010:551 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting** 3
22:010:664 Special Topic: Forensic Accounting** 3

Not all of the above classes are offered each term.

*Note: Day classes only

**Note: Class is offered online



The following two courses are recommended for the CPA Exam if not completed on the undergraduate level. They are not required for the concentration.

Course # Title Cr
22:835:510 Business Law I 2
22:835:511 Business Law II 2

Other curriculum options can be developed with the approval of the MBA Academic Director. Contact Professor Alexander Sannella for more details at

Click here for New Jersey CPA education requirements


Area 2: Taxation

Required Courses

Course # Title Cr
22:010:605 Corporate Income Taxation 3
22:835:603 Income Taxation* 3

*Note: This course may also be listed with course number 22:010:603.


(Choose 4 courses)

Course # Title Cr
22:010:618 Advanced Corporate Taxation 3
22:010:630 Advanced Tax Research 3
22:010:667 Consolidated Returns 3
22:010:626 Federal Estate and Gift Taxation 3
22:010:619 Federal Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates 3
22:010:629 International Tax I 3
22:010:631 International Tax II 3
22:010:615 Partnership Taxation 3
22:010:627 Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans 3
22:010:620 State & Local Tax 3
22:010:649 Taxation of Financial Instruments 3
22:010:657 Tax Accounting 3
22:010:616 Tax Practice and Procedures 3
22:010:625 Tax-Exempt Entities 3

Not all of the above classes are offered each term.

Income Taxation (22:010:603) is the prerequisite for all electives.


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