Marketing Research Insights and Analytics (MRIA) Club

The mission of the MRIA Club is to provide exposure to and enhanced knowledge of the field of Marketing Research to all Full-Time and Part-Time MBA students and to increase the visibility of the MRIA program in the business community.  The club strives to complement the MRIA coursework in developing professionals with the ability to leverage analytics to create insights that influence business decisions.  

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Kanika Jain, Co-President

Kanika Jain is a first-year MBA student specializing in Marketing as well as Marketing Research Insights and Analytics (MRIA). She has 4 years of experience in market research, sales, and digital marketing across various industries. Combining her experience with her formal education has given her a holistic understanding on how key market data and actionable insights are to make strategic business decisions.

Her vision for the MRIA club includes but is not limited to creating awareness about MRIA, building a strong member, professors, and alumni network to communicate the latest industry updates, addressing the requirements of the industry by familiarizing the members with research tools, and helping students connect with MRIA mentors.

Aaron Schnipper, Co-President
Aaron Schnipper is a full-time MBA student at Rutgers Business School concentrating in Marketing Research Insights and Analytics (MRIA) and Marketing. Prior to RBS, Aaron worked as a Hedge Fund Analyst at a global investment bank & international investment firm. As Co-Presidents, Kanika Jain and Aaron are collaborating with the corporate sponsors and the MRIA club officers on providing the student body with high quality and engaging programming. Whether it is bringing in industry experts as guest lecturers or visiting campuses of premier Market Research firms’ or departments’, students will gain exposure to the various career paths that the MRIA field has to offer.
Taylor Rattray, Vice-President of Finance
Taylor Rattray is a full-time MBA student majoring in Market Research, Insights, & Analytics and Global Business. She majored in East Asian Languages & Cultures, specifically in Economics, at Columbia University and has worked two years in business development and administration. Through using her knowledge of marketing and interest in learning about other cultures, Taylor is passionate about creating marketing strategies for multinational enterprises. She is excited to serve as the Vice President of Finance for the MRIA club at Rutgers Business School!
Sai Prashanth Reddy, Vice-President of Corporate Relations
Sai is full time MBA student specializing in Marketing and Market Research Insights and Analytics. He has an undergraduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering, and has 2 years experience working with fortune 500 firms as a Resource Manager with one of the big 4 IT service providers. He is also a freelance advertising consultant specializing in In-Flim branding and is passionate about Frugal Robotics. He is enthusiastic about working with students to emphasize the surging importance of analytics in developing and implementing strategic decisions in Marketing. As the VP of Corporate Relations, Sai will work with the board to ensure MRIA club has events that would benefit students and corporation whom recruit from MRIA.
Michelle Yang, Vice-President of Marketing
Michelle is a full-time MBA student at Rutgers Business School concentrating in Marketing Research Insights & Analytics (MRIA) and Marketing. She has two years of experience as a brand manager in the data and telecommunications technology industry. As Vice President of Marketing, she aims to further the reach, influence, and prestige of the organization by creating engaging marketing collateral that facilitates the dissemination of information to the student body. In promoting club events, she hopes to encourage student interest in learning about the discipline at speaker events and networking opportunities.
Nancy Jaser, Vice-President of Student Relations
Nancy is a full time MBA student specializing in marketing and pharmaceutical management. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut and has 2 years of experience in both retail and hospital pharmacy. Her passion for medical innovation and improved market research have led her to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry to positively impact healthcare on a larger scale. She looks forward to serving as the VP of Student Relations this year and enhancing the reputation of MRIA at Rutgers Business School.
Sushrut Kale, Ph.D. Vice-President of Communications
Sushrut Kale has over eight years of R&D experience spanning multiple areas within life sciences. More recently he spearheaded the efforts to develop a novel surgical tool at Columbia University Medical Center by leading cross-functional teams through product design, prototype implementation, primary market research and technology transfer. After exploring commercial side of translational research, he decided to pursue an MBA with aspirations to join the pharmaceutical industry. As the VP of Communications, he will lead the club’s efforts to increase awareness about the club activities with a goal to engage a larger student body as well as alums in club activities.