Connect the dots of everyday business transactions to your organization’s customer-centric strategy.
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Mini-MBA™: Customer-Centric Management

Today’s customers demand a highly connected and personalized experience making the bar for what makes a great experience higher than ever. Every part of your business needs to be involved in defining the customer experience. Leaders are constantly challenged with developing processes that ensure seamless customer interactions that are able to withstand organizational changes and drive the organization’s vision for real customer centricity. The Mini-MBA™: Customer-Centric Management (CCM) is designed for managers looking to connect the dots of everyday business transactions to the organization’s customer-centric strategy.

This 10-module program will present a framework to quickly get you up to speed on the very latest in strategies, models and methodologies for creating great customer experiences that lead to brand loyalty.  

Through hands-on, case-driven, interactive sessions and class exercises, participants will learn about the latest research, and the best and worst practices taught by top industry experts. The CCM program will provide the best models for organizational alignment and true customer centricity.

The Rutgers Mini-MBA™: Customer-Centric Management (CCM) certificate program features an innovative, immersive real-world project environment.  All participants will have their own FREE Apple® iPad™, containing the pre-loaded program materials. 



$4,995 per program.

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits.

This program has been approved by the State Approving Agency and the Veterans Administration.  Funding may be available for those eligible to receive GI Bill educational benefits.