Executive Education Testimonials

Mini-MBA™: BioPharma Innovation

The program helped me think outside the box in performing my daily tasks and enabled me to be a change leader in my current job and other functions that I move into. The lecturers kept the entire class active and captivated.

- Global Study Manager, Roche

Mini-MBA™: Social Media Marketing

The Mini-MBA in Social Media Marketing has proved to be invaluable to me. It could take a lifetime to acquire the wealth of knowledge that Rutgers was able to squeeze into this one course.

- Justin Leshynski, Vice President, Davanti Digital Media

As the Vice President of a marketing agency that focuses heavily on social media, I can honestly say that I use the information learned in the program in the course of my daily activities, managing dozens of social media strategies and campaigns for multiple businesses. My business would not be where it is at today without the Mini-MBA program.

- Participant

Mini-MBA™: Digital Marketing

The knowledge I gained during the past week is invaluable. I am excited about applying this information at my company, and even more excited about taking future courses at the CMD. Undoubtedly, the CMD provides a priceless learning experience for students while simultaneously, helping students to grow their careers.

- Marissa Tringali

I am new to the marketing field and signed up for the Digital Marketing accelerated program to gain a leg up on the competition. Throughout the course I was able to acquire a strong foundation of strategies to use in various campaigns, as well as the tools to measure their effectiveness. I have received several interviews during and after the program, thanks to having the program as part of my resume. I was also able to impress the recruiters with competent analysis based on the in class and reading materials.

During the week-long program I was able to establish lasting relationships with several experienced marketing professionals, including a mentor who doubled the effectiveness of the course for me. The Digital Marketing Capstone Project, a group marketing campaign project that incorporates all of the materials learned in the course, will also act as one of the leading assets in my portfolio. The Capstone also makes for an excellent template reference for future campaigns.

This course is indispensable for any recent graduates interested in entering the marketing field. Although expensive for anyone who recently finished college, this course is well worth it!

- Michael Zilman

The Rutgers Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing was a great way to augment and enhance my current skills and knowledge-base.   Each module covered a different area of digital marketing, and the instructors  - each well regarded in their respective areas - imparted information that would have taken months to amass on my own, assuming I knew what to look for and where to look for it!  I believe that the knowledge I gleaned and the many resources that I was exposed to will open doors to me that I couldn't have opened on my own

- Shelley Young

The program was very well designed. The speakers’ passion and knowledge comes across very clearly in their delivery. Digital Marketing can be overwhelming at times but this course has given me the confidence to create effective strategies for our brands and our business. It has also provided me some quick tips and tricks to be better armed when I work with our agency partners. Personal branding is very important for our generation and this course taught us how to do it! I would recommend this course for all functions that engage with Digital activities at Novartis.

- Sneha Sharma, Global IT Digital Program Manager, Novartis

Mini-MBA™: Business Essentials

The course provided what I expected and far more. The pre-readings and class materials went beyond my anticipation of an overview that would pique my interest. The bibliographies and other resources materials made available for each particular subject area makes it easy to continue to pursue further study”… “Thank you all for putting together such a well-executed program, from the thought provoking pre-readings to the superior presenters. The course showcases Rutgers at its best!

- Participant

We were looking for training that would increase business acumen, and the Rutgers Business Essentials MiniMBA program hit the mark. The cross functional topics explained the moving parts of a business, and how each react to, and are influenced by, one another. The instructors are top notch! Could not have asked for more!

- Pat C, Sr. Director, Benefits and Corporate Development