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Going back to work after being in the military can be a daunting yet rewarding experience. For veterans re-entering the workforce or looking to change jobs, a unique set of challenges awaits – primarily centered around becoming More...accustomed to civilian situations, expectations, and demands. And recent employment and experiences may be very different from those of the average civilian candidate for the same job.


In studies conducted at colleges and universities nationwide, student veterans have reported feeling as if non-veteran college students and faculty did not appreciate, understand, relate to, or respect their service. In interviews conducted with student veterans regarding these feelings, the veterans emphasized their interactions with professors as particularly problematic. In their accounts, student veterans described feeling offended or angered by what they perceived as the professors’ condemnation of the military. Rutgers Military Cultural Competency training will provide the Rutgers community and our partners with a general overview of the military so that professionals can more easily communicate with all veterans and military.


Whether you are working in marketing, customer service, human resources, information technology, research and development, or any other function within the firm, chances are you are being asked to do more with less. Finance can provide you with the tools you need to maximize the limited resources available to you. In learning the core concepts of finance, you will learn how to speak the language of business and make better business decisions. 


In this session, participants will examine how healthcare delivery is evolving from the time-tested personalized connection between patient and caregiver to a much broader and less structured “consumer-like” environment affecting all stakeholders. 


Companies today are using the tools of the internet and social media to build billions and billions of value with little-to-no marketing budgets. Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, Groupon, Pinterest, Zynga, WhatsApp – in the absence of big budgets, all of these companies have learned how to hack the system to build their businesses. These companies created self-perpetuating marketing machines using very little resources. So how did they do it? Growth hacking is all about learning how to do more with less. It is about identifying and testing channels that are both measurable and scalable. 


Starting a business in today's modern era can be very rewarding, but at the same time brings great risk. The increasing reliance on marketing, word-of-mouth referrals, the never-ending increasing costs, and business management has become very complex. As the number of start-ups increase and the competitions rises, it becomes even more crucial to ensure your product or service is a must-have.


If you have a brilliant idea, or a valuable product or service, it is your moral obligation to get it in the hands of those who will benefit from it. Unfortunately, people don't always do what we want them to do. Understanding what causes people to take action and learning how to use these "triggers" to get the response you want is an invaluable skill.


Contemporary Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) — it's complicated and ever-evolving.  At a time when the validity and relevance of traditional marketing and evaluation tools are being questioned, the responsibility for communications planning, delivery, and tracking no longer rests solely within the confines of one function, team, or tool.


Transitioning from the military back to civilian life can be one of the biggest challenges a veteran will face. Learning to speak, act, and carry-on daily life differently from what you’ve been accustomed to, can be difficult.

Upon leaving the military, returning veterans must find a new job or possibly even an entirely different career. We’ll help you get to know which industries you might transition into, how to interview for a civilian position, how to denote applicable skills from the military on a resume, and overall what business skills you must acquire to succeed.


Video advertising is growing at a monstrous rate: We are inundated with ads and information, and suffering from Content Shock – informational overload that stretches our capacity to pay attention to and process information. Now, the pressing question that advertisers need to answer is how to not only reach consumers, but earn their attention and drive action, all while being cost effective.