Student Outreach

Mentoring Programs

TeamUP is a mentoring program that helps in the transformation of Rutgers Business School undergraduates into responsible business professionals.

Women BUILD (Business Undergraduates in Leadership Development), formerly known as Women's Business Leadership Initiative (WBLI), is a leadership program designed to provide high achieving, motivated and talented women undergraduates at Rutgers Business School the opportunity to reach their full leadership potential.

The Helpful Executives-In-Reach (HEIR) program at Rutgers Business School connects students within each academic department with a Senior Executive within the professional field they are preparing for.

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The Office of Diversity Programs

The formation of the Office of Diversity Programs is reflective of Rutgers Business School's commitment to maintaining a diverse campus population and environment.


Student Experiential Learning

The Rutgers Business School Experiential Learning Program is designed to provide undergraduate business students in their junior or senior year of study the opportunity to engage in experiential learning using a Problem Solving Approach to small business case study clients in Northern & Central New Jersey.


MBA Team Consulting

The MBA Team Consulting Program at Rutgers Business School brings the knowledge and experience of seasoned MBA students to bear on a challenge or problem identified by a client company.