Alexander Kogan

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

Cong Y. Kogan A. and Vasarhelyi M. "The Association between Firms' Nature and Financial Statement Presentation Formats: On the Comparability of Income Statement Formats" Working Paper, Towson, 2005.

A.Kogan. M.Alles. M.Vasarhelyi. J.Wu. Continuity Equations in Continuous Assurance. Presented at AAA annual meeting. Orlando, 2004.


Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Li, Pei
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Analytics with Exception Prioritization, Consumer Search Volume, and Social Capital

Name: Byrnes, Paul
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Developing an Automated Application for Clustering and Outlier Detection: Data Mining Implications for Auditing Practice

Name: Chychyla, Roman
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: Essays on Accounting Data Difference and Audit Learning

Name: Issa, Hussein
Graduation Date: 2013/October
Thesis Title: Exceptional Exceptions

Name: Chan, David
Graduation Date: 2012/May
Thesis Title: The Relationship between an Independent Audit and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence from Small Private Commercial Banks