Bikki Jaggi

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

Jaggi, Bikki, and Nina T. Dorata. 2005. "Association between Bid Premium for Corporate Acquisitions and Executive Compensation". The Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance - Forthcoming.

Jaggi, Bikki, Beixin Lin, Suresh Govindaraj, and Picheng Lee. 2005. “The Value Relevance of Restructuring Charges”. Submitted to Contemporary Accounting Research.

Jaggi, Bikki, Chen-Lung Chin, Hsiou-Wei Lin, and Picheng Lee. 2005. "Earnings Forecasts Disclosure Regulation and Earnings Management by IPO Firms". Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting – Forthcoming.

Jaggi, Bikki, and Picheng Lee. 2002. "Earnings Management Response to Debt Covenant Violations and Debt Restructuring." Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance 17, No. 4 (Fall).

Jaggi, Bikki and Chunyan Li, 2004, "Value Relevance of Earnings Based on International Accounting Standards," Indian Accounting Review, Vol. 8 No. 1 (June): 25-47.

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Zheng, Shaofeng
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: Impact of Fair Value Accounting on Firms’ Operating and Market Performance, on Value Relevance, and on Pension Assets

Name: Tang, Leo
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Credit Ratings

Name: Tong, Naqiong
Graduation Date: 2009/October
Thesis Title: Guidance, Guidance and Guidance - the Discountinuing and Restarting Phenomenon of Quarterly Earnings Guidance.

Name: Xu, Wei
Graduation Date: 2007/January
Thesis Title: Value Relevance of Asset Write-Offs/Write-Downs and Effectiveness of FASB Pronouncements (SFAS #121, #142, #144)

Name: Alali, Fatima
Graduation Date: 2005/October
Thesis Title: Earnings Management and Capital Ratio Management By Different Types of Banks Before and After SFAS No. 114

Name: Ebrahim, Ahmed M.
Graduation Date: 2004/October
Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of Corporate Governance, Institutional Ownership, and Audit Quality as Monitoring Devices of Earnings Management

Name: Lin, Beixin
Graduation Date: 2004/October
Thesis Title: The Value Relevance of Restructuring Charges

Name: Dorata, Nina
Graduation Date: 2003/May
Thesis Title: The Impact of Post-Acquisition on Bid Premium in the Market for Corporate Acquisitions

Name: Li, Chunyan
Graduation Date: 2002/January
Thesis Title: An Analysis of the Impact of International Accounting Standards

Name: Petra, Steven
Graduation Date: 2002/January
Thesis Title: The Effects of Governance Structure and Ownership Structure on the Informativeness of Earnings

Name: Lee, Picheng
Graduation Date: 2000/October
Thesis Title: Earnings Management at Different Stages of Financial Distress