Dan Palmon

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

"The Accrual Anomaly and Company Size" Financial Analysts Journal, September/October 2008 (Dan Palmon, Fred Sudit and Ari Yezegel).

"Performance of Analyst Recommendations in the Istanbul Stock Exchange", Finance Letters, forthcoming (Oral Erdogan, Dan Palmon and Ari Yezegel).

"Changing Buisness Environment and the Value Relevance of Accounting", Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting, forthcoming Volume 7 (Virginia Cortijo, Dan Palmon and Ari Yezegel).

Book: Understanding Auditor-Client Relationships: A Multi-Faceted Analysis (with G. Kleinman), Marcus Weiner Publications (2001).

"The International Implications of US Research on Going Concern Opinions,"(with A. Anandarajan, L. Goodman and G. Kleinman), ICFAIJournal of Accounting Research, Vol. III, No. 1, (January 2004). 33-57.

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Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Xu, Ke
Graduation Date: 2017/May
Thesis Title: Value of Conference Calls: Content and Timing

Name: Mason, Stephania
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Say on Pay: Is Anybody Listening?

Name: Lee, Changhee
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: A Close Look on the Impact and Performance of Financial Analysts

Name: Son, Dong Hyun
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Financial Analysts

Name: Bloch, Rebecca
Graduation Date: 2014/January
Thesis Title: Assessing the Impact of GASB 34: The Post GASB Statement 34 Regime

Name: Boyas, Elise
Graduation Date: 1991/January
Thesis Title: Indentification and Examination of Factors Behind Corporate In-Substance Defeasance of Debt

Name: Callen, Mindy
Graduation Date: 1999/January
Thesis Title: Time Series Tests of the Ohlson Model

Name: Coville, Timothy
Graduation Date: 2008/October
Thesis Title: SOX Generated Changes in Board Composition: Have They Mattered?

Name: El-Hashash, Hadeya
Graduation Date: 1993/May
Thesis Title: The Association Between Firm Characteristics and Executive Compensation Schemes and the Effect of Adoption of Such Schemes on Firm Performance

Name: Hossain, Mohammed (David)
Graduation Date: 2003/October
Thesis Title: Triocracy and the Dynamics of Standard Setting: A Comparative Study of FASB's Deliberation Process on SFAS No. 133

Name: Kang, Pyung Kyung
Graduation Date: 2011/May
Thesis Title: The Impact of the Financial Press on Accruals Anomaly and Earnings Management

Name: Yezegel, Ari
Graduation Date: 2009/May
Thesis Title: Three Essays on Stock Recommendations