Ephraim Sudit

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

"The Accrual Anomaly and Company Size" Financial Analysts Journal, September/October 2008 (Dan Palmon, Fred Sudit and Ari Yezegel).

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Arnold, Lizzie
Graduation Date: 2006/October
Thesis Title: A Qualitative Comparative Study of the Jenkins’ Committee Recommendations, SOX, and the Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium (EBRC) Proposed Framework in Relation to Corporate Malfeasance

Name: Hoitash, Udi
Graduation Date: 2008/May
Thesis Title: The Effects of Social Ties and Internal Busyness of Independent Committee Members on the Advising Role of Boards of Directors

Name: Hughes, Peggy
Graduation Date: 1999/October
Thesis Title: Framing Effect on Domestic Transfer Pricing Decisions

Name: Medinets, Ann
Graduation Date: 2004/May
Thesis Title: Determinants of School Effectiveness and Student Satisfaction in Colleges and Universities

Name: Shim, Eun Sup
Graduation Date: 1993/January
Thesis Title: Cost Management and Activity Based Cost Allocation in Advanced Manufacturing Environment