Robert H. Patrick

Dissertations at RBS Supervised:

Name: Kohn, Jennifer
Graduation Date: 2009/May
Thesis Title: A Dynamic Demand for Medical Care


Advisor (Completed and Placement)

Suzanne Norquist, Ph.D., 1993 (Economics Department, Teikyo University).

Lorna A. Greening, Ph.D., 1992 (Economics Department, University of Alabama).

Janie M. Chermak, Ph.D., 1991 (Defense Resources Management Institute, Naval Postgraduate School).

James T. McDonnel, M.S., 1991 (Public Service Company of Colorado).

Robert E. Carr, M.S., 1990 (Economics Department, North Carolina State University).

Diana L. Moss, Ph.D., 1989 (National Economic Research Associates).

Brian K. Johnson, M.S., 1988 (Economic Analyst, New York Mercantile Exchange).