Chao C. Chen

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

Saparito, P., Chen, C.C., Sapienza, H. “The central role of relational trust in bank-small firm relationships”, Academy of Management Journal, 47(3): 400-411, 2004.

Determinants of Bribery in Organizations: An Integrative Model (with Miguel Alzola)

2005/ Paper presented at 2005 Academy of Management Meeting, Organizational Behavior Division, August 5-10, Honolulu, Hawaii

Chen, C.C.,Choi&Chi,S-C.(2002).Making justice sense of local expatriate compen. disparity:Mitigating factors of local referents,ideological explanations,and interpersonal sensitivity in China-foreign joint ventures.Acad. of Man’t Jour.44:807-817

Yang, N., Chen, C.C., Choi, J., & Zou, Y. 2000. Sources of work-family conflict: A Sino-U.S. comparison of the effects of work and family demands. Academy of Management Journal, 43: 113-123.

Does entrepreneurial self-efficacy distinguish entrepreneurs from managers? (with Anne Crick & P.G. Greene).  Journal of Business Venturing, 13, 4, 295-316.

National and Organizational Culture Differences and International Joint Venture Performance Vijay Pothukuchi, Fariborz Damanpour, Jaepil Choi, Chao C Chen & Seung Ho Park

Chen, C., Peng, M. & Saparito, P. 2002. Individualism, collectivism, and opportunism: A cultural perspective on transaction cost economics. Journal of Management, 28(4): 567-583.

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Ogutu, Vincent
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Origins, Variability and Outcomes of Calling Orientation: A Study of Social Entrepreneurs

Name: McCarthy, Marina
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Evaluation of Novel Ideas: The Trade-off between Novelty and Usefulness and Effects of Cultural Differences in Cognition and Self-Regulation of Creativity

Name: Unal, Ali
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Bittersweet Choices: The Effect of Cultural Values and Beliefs on Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas Involving Collective Welfare and Individual Rights

Name: Kraemer, Justin
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Trust-building in PCN Expatriate-Local Intercultural Relationships

Name: Gaspar, Joseph
Graduation Date: 2013/October
Thesis Title: The Unconscious Conscience: Implicit Beliefs and Unethical Behavior

Name: Choi, Jaepil
Graduation Date: 2001/May
Thesis Title: A Cross-Cultural Study of Procedural Justice: The Effects of Outcomes, Procedures, and Cultural Values on Procedural Justice Perceptions and Employee Trust in Managers

Name: Saparito, Patrick
Graduation Date: 2001/May
Thesis Title: Trust's Form and Role in an Inter-Organizational Context: An Examination of Calculus-Based, Knowledge-Based, and Identification-Based Trust in Bank-Small Firm Relationships