Fariborz Damanpour

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

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Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Chiu, Hao-Hsuan
Graduation Date: 2013/May
Thesis Title: Manager's Influence Tactics and Innovation Implementation Effectiveness: Effects of User's Characteristics and Innovation Attributes

Name: Li, Jun
Graduation Date: 2012/October
Thesis Title: Adoption of Management Innovation: an Organizational Learning Perspective

Name: Kobeissi, Nada
Graduation Date: 2003/January
Thesis Title: Determinants and Effect of Banks' Community Stakeholder Performance: A Study of Large U.S. Commercial Banks

Name: Grevesen, Chris
Graduation Date: 2001/May
Thesis Title: The Internationalization of Technological Activity and R&D Performance in Multinational Enterprises

Name: Pothukuchi, Vijay
Graduation Date: 1999/ October
Thesis Title: Influence of Cultural Differences on the Performance of Cross-Cultural Joint Ventures

Name: Wischnevsky, J. Daniel
Graduation Date: 1999/May
Thesis Title: Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Organizational Transformation: A Study of Revolutionary and Non-revolutionary Organizational Transformation in the Banking Industry

Name: Schneider, Marguerite
Graduation Date: 1998/May
Thesis Title: The Battle for Control of Public Pension Plans: An Empirical Study Utilizing the Nexus of Roles Agency Model

Name: Keresty, Georgia
Graduation Date: 1998/May
Thesis Title: A Dynamic Model of Innovation Adoption in Organizations: Individual, Organizational and Contextual Characteristics of the Initiation and Implementation Stages of the Innovation

Name: Gopalakrishnan, Shanthi
Graduation Date: 1995/May
Thesis Title: Competitive Strategy-Innovation Strategy Coalignment and Organization Performance: A Study in the Commercial Banking Industry