John Cantwell

Professor Cantwell welcomes applications to the PhD program in International Business by well-qualified candidates that wish to work in the area of technological innovation in multinational corporations.

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

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Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Salmon, Jessica
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: The Roles of Knowledge Complexity and Location Complexity for Structure of Knowledge Building in a Global Environment

Name: Shukla, Pallavi
Graduation Date: 2016/October
Thesis Title: Migrants, Institutional Change and the Geography of Foreign Direct Investment

Name: Pu, Xiaoyu
Graduation Date: 2013/May
Thesis Title: MNC Subunit Knowledge Sourcing and Competence Creating Activies - A Dynamic View of Subunit Evolution.

Name: Piepenbrink, Anke
Graduation Date: 2012/October
Thesis Title: The Evolution of the Innovation Network and the Technological System in a Standard Developing Organization. The Example of Cellular Telecommunications.

Name: Huang, Shengsheng 
Graduation Date: 2012/January
Thesis Title: A Dynamic Model of FDI Spillover: The Role of Competition, Technology Diffusion, and Capability Accumulation. 

Name: Qiu, Ranfeng
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: The Role of General Purpose Technology in the Restructuring of International Innovation Network and Technological Diversification Strategy of Multinational Corporations.

Name: Zhang, Feng
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: The Emerging Innovators in the Technological Knowledge Accumulation Networks of Multinational Corporations.

Name: Ampadu-Nyarkoh, Kwaku
Graduation Date: 2008/October
Thesis Title: The Geography of Knowledge Sourcing by Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries, with Special Reference to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Name: Zhang, Yanli
Graduation Date: 2007/May
Thesis Title: International Business Connections, Domestic Inter-Firm Networks and Corporate Technology Development Paths of Japanese Firms

Name: Barnard, Helena
Graduation Date: 2007/January
Thesis Title: Investment From Less to More Developed Countries as a Mechanism for Capability Upgrading in Developing Country Firms.