Farid Alizadeh

Research interest: I am currently working on applications of "semidefinite programming" to shape constrained approximation andregression.

Publications with PhD Students and Alumni:

Yu Xia and Farid Alizadeh "The Q method for Second Order Cone programming", Submitted to Computational Operations Research

Yu Xia and Farid Alizadeh "The Q Method for Symmetric cone programming"To be submitted to SIAM J. On Optimization

Farid Alizadeh, Jon Eckstein, Nilay Noyan and Gabor Rudolf: "Arrival rate approximation by nonnegative cubic splines", Submitted to Operations Research

Gabor Rudolf, Nilay Noyan, and Farid Alizadeh: "Optimality Constraints For the Cone of Positive Polynomials", to be submitted.

AdvOl-Report#2004/15: Farid Alizadeh and Yu Xia, The Q Method for Second-order Cone Programming. October 2004.

AdvOl-Report#2004/18: Farid Alizadeh and Yu Xia, The Q Method for Symmetric Cone Programming. October 2004

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Xia, Yu
Graduation Date: 2003/October
Thesis Title: Optimization over second-order cones with extensions to symmetric cone programming

Name : Stefan Schmieta (RUTCOR)
Graduation date: 1999
Thesis Title: Application of Jordan algebras to the design and Analysis of interior-point algorithms for linear, quadratically constrained quadratic, and semi-definite programming

Name: Reuben Settergren
Graduation Date: 1997
Thesis Title: Theory and algorithms for physical mapping of DNA / by Reuben J. Settergren