Michael N. Katehakis

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Varzgani, Nilofar
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: New Dynamic Optimization Models for Tax Loss Valuation and Sourcing Problems

Name: Gilani, Wajahat
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Optimal Execution of Real Options in illiquid and Incomplete Markets

Name: Smit, Laurens
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: On Successive Lumping of Large Scale Systems

Name: Puranam, Srinivasa (Karti)
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: Stochastic Analysis of Bidding in Sequential Auctions and Related Problems.

Name: Shi, Junmin
Graduation Date: 2010/October
Thesis Title: Make-to-Stock Production-Inventory Systems with Compound Poisson Demands, Constant Continuous Replenishment and Lost Sales.
(Co-directed with B. Melamed)

Name: Chen, Wen
Graduate Date: 2008
Thesis Title: New models and solutions for stochastic optimization for R&D and transportation problems

Name: Zhou, Bin
Graduation Date: 2007/May
Thesis Title: On Optimal Pricing and Ordering in Supply Chain Management
(Co-directed with Yao Zhao)

Name: Elkins, Timothy
Graduation Date: 2003/May
Thesis Title: Multiple Criteria/Multiple Objective and Dynamic Data Envelopment Analysis with the Freight Service Business.

Name: Gursoy, Kemal
Graduation Date: 1997/October
Thesis Title: Branch and Bound Methods for Sequentially Choosing Some Among Several Competing Projects.

Name: Burnetas, Apostolos
Graduation Date: 1993/October
Thesis Title: On Adaptive Estimation and Control for Markovian Decision Processes.