Wayne Eastman

Research Interests

I am very interested in working with doctoral students in connection with my research program of analyzing how competition between different values enhances or detracts from the effectiveness of businesses, legal systems, political systems, and individuals.  My research program encompasses formal modeling, empirical research, qualitative research, historical research, and normative scholarship, and I welcome collaboration with students with any of these interests.

Research in Progress with Current Doctoral Students

The Bargain between the Elite and the Majority to Control Politicians and Managers: Partisan and Managerial Ideologies as Devices to Align Agents.  http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1262905 (With Deirdre Collier, ABEIS)

Value Competition in Supply-Chain Social Responsibility Monitoring.  (With Rose Kiwanuka, SCMMS)


Dissertations Supervised

Name: Sirpanwattana, Witaya
Graduation Date: 2014/May
Thesis Title: The Effect of Trustworthiness on Supply Chain Internal Integration