Yao Zhao

Dissertations Supervised:

Name: Gerlovin, Irene
Graduation Date: 2017/October
Thesis Title: Managing Supply Chain Risks in Government Acquisitions Programs: Success Factors and Lessons Learned from Fifth Generation Fighters

Name: Song, Ju Myung
Graduation Date: 2017/May
Thesis Title: Essays on Supply Chain Coordination and Optimization

Name: Wang, Yijun
Graduation Date: 2017/May
Thesis Title: Essays on Supply Chain and Healthcare Analytics

Name: Mun, Kwon Gi
Graduation Date: 2016/May
Thesis Title: Designing Energy and Water Supply Chains for Prosperity

Name: Johnson, Andrew
Graduation Date: 2015/October
Thesis Title: Mission Critical Logistics - Essays in Game Transportation and Naval Logistics

Name: Rafique, Raza
Graduation Date: 2015/May
Thesis Title: Energy Supply Chain Design: Future Energy Security of Pakistan

Name: Xu, Xin
Graduation Date: 2014/October
Thesis Title: Essays on the Interface of Supply Chain and Project Management

Name: Kiwanuka, Rose
Graduation Date: 2013/October
Thesis Title: Essays on Global Coffee Supply Chains: Improving Small-Scale Prouducers' Income

Name: Iacocca, Kathleen 
Graduation Date: 2011/October
Thesis Title: Essays on Drug Distribution and Pricing Models

Name: Fleischhacker, Adam
Graduation Date: 2009/October
Thesis Title: An Investigation of Clinical Trial Supply Chains

Name: Chen, Ching-Yu
Graduation Date: 2008/October
Thesis Title: Essays on Supply Chain Inventory Management

Name: Fan, Yihnong 
Graduation Date: 2008/May
Thesis Title: Stochastic Models for Make-To-Stock Production-Inventory Systems
(Co-directed with Benjamin Melamed)