Rutgers EMBA curriculum upgrades

Rutgers Executive MBA program announces important upgrades to its curriculum

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Rutgers EMBA program has a well-deserved reputation of adapting quickly to changes in the business world. To ensure the applicability of our EMBA curriculum, we regularly invite seasoned veterans from industry to teach specialized courses. Our faculty also design stand-alone modules and lectures that meet the needs of business leaders right now.

Powerhouse Advantage Upgrades from January 2018

Global Trade, Stage 3: Leading in a Nationalist-Protectionist World

Professor Farrokh Langdana

“Back in the day, virtually all economists would be for ‘free trade,” writes, Professor Farrokh Langdana who also is the Director of Rutgers EMBA. He calls this Global Trade Stage 1. “Then we had the globally connected economy, and the outsourcing thing happened, and virtual global workers started appearing in our living rooms via the internet--that’s Global Trade Stage 2,” explains Prof. Langdana. 

This new course is a highly applied cutting-edge course that focuses on the fact that global trade is now on retreat everywhere. Global Nationalism-Protectionism (NP) is the order of the day, and certainly rampant here in Trump-USA, and with Brexit in the UK, in France, in Germany and India, and certainly in China. This Nationalist-Protectionist (NP) world is Global Trade Stage 3, according to Langdana.  

The new course will explore: How should executives run global supply chains in this environment? What really should be offshored or outsourced? Or in-shored now that the US is making it more attractive to produce here by trying to level the tax field and by trimming government regulation? How will cryptocurrencies affect the pre-eminence of the dollar in global capital flows? Was Ricardian Trade theory misapplied? Is this why we have so many globally-disillusioned Americans, Brits, French, etc.?


Effective Business Writing: We mean, really effective business writing!

Professor John Tintera

One of the less glamorous but absolutely necessary areas of “heavy lifting” in the business world—or any world, for that matter—is really effective writing. Beyond the speeches, the schmoozing, the PPT presentations and the conference calls is the real written report. And this simply must be perfect---it has to draw readers to the main points, and then reinforce them by making precise, concise, and convincing arguments. The written document has to ensure that readers with limited time and often limited attention are "getting your point.”

Prof. John Tintera, writer, publicist, publishing executive extraordinaire, and Rutgers EMBA alum, will be conducting this short course over the summer. He writes, “What’s the best way for executives to sell their proposals internally when they’re competing with other proposals for limited funds? How should executives communicate news that might not be very good---to their Boards of Directors? What do you write to the head of HR who is threatening to shrink the size of your staff? The perfect memo, report or even email can and does make all the difference, and conversely, we all know what a badly worded email can do---thud! We have all been there!” 

This intensive seminar will be completely hands-on. You will be guided through a series of writing exercises and given on-the-spot feedback. Grow your writing muscles and learn to say what you mean—and say it well—every time.


Digital Transformation, Disruption & Design Thinking: D3

Prof. Mukesh M. Patel

It is becoming increasingly clear-- if mature economies like the US, Japan, and Western Europe do not, or cannot, relentlessly innovate, they will be run over, displaced or disrupted by the juggernauts emerging from the most unexpected places from all parts of the world. But what drives innovation? Is it the Eco-system? Genetics? Supply- chains? Regulation? Technology? And once we identify the drivers, how can we leverage them? How can we strengthen our peripheral vision? How do we unleash human capital through the lenses of innovative and creative thinking?

Prof. Mukesh M. Patel, serial entrepreneur of the highest order, and star professor at Rutgers (Business School, Law School as well as Director of Innovation at the Honors College), has built this course that is truly unique to The Powerhouse. This highly anticipated course delivers interdisciplinary perspectives on breakthrough ideas, innovation concepts, and the phenomena of creativity. It is a visual experience of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial insights through use cases and case studies spanning more than 15 industries and 50+ companies. Concepts include new business models and frameworks, agile structures and processes, and transference of ideas across industries.

This course includes a special workshop on Design-Thinking where EMBA students will explore, work through and analyze specific use cases. This course integrates the Professor's research and learnings from his personal interviews of Chief Digital / Technology / Innovation Officers from iconic public and private corporations, non-profits, governments and academia. This is a fast paced, immersion experience incorporating insights regarding entrepreneurial mindsets, game-changers, technology trends, social networks, disruption, innovation for corporate enterprises, experiments, and future-casting. “This course sits firmly at the crossroads of Technology, Social Media, Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, and Psychometrics,” writes Prof. Patel.

13 Apr
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