Customized MBA Concentration

Want to Customize your MBA Concentration?

The Customized MBA is available to MBA candidates on a case-by-case basis and is subject to course availability. The process for selecting a customized concentration:

  1. Look through the course offerings/curriculum and come up with a written proposal of courses (must be a minimum of 15 credits). In the written proposal explain how the proposed customized concentration will help you achieve your career objectives and attach it to the Customized Concentration Worksheet which outlines the list of preferred and substitute courses.
  2. Submit the written proposal to the department chair(s) responsible for the area most closely related to the customized concentration.  The faculty will review it (make adjustments if necessary) and must sign the proposal giving their approval.
  3. If the faculty approve the proposal, you will then need to submit the proposal to the Office of MBA Student Services for degree credit approval and advisement purposes. The document will be added to your file for degree certification.