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Part-Time MBA concentration in Global Business

If you want to be an effective manager in a complex and evolving global business environment, the MBA concentration in Global Business will help you get there

A Global Business concentration is especially valuable when paired with a primary concentration in a functional field, like finance or supply chain management. By pursuing a Global Business concentration, you send a signal to employers that you have mastered a functional specialization while also having a broad, strategic view of how to manage in a global economy.


Expanding on a foundational course in international business, you will select from a range of courses that address contemporary issues involved in managing in a global environment—courses such as cross-cultural management, negotiations, strategic alliances and technology transfer. You can also choose from courses in international trade or finance, procurement, marketing, and even travel abroad courses.

Sample Courses
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Global Management Strategy
  • International Financial Markets
  • International Trade and Macroeconomics
  • Management of Innovation and Technology
  • Negotiations
  • New Product Commercialization

Career Opportunities

Global Business MBAs have gone on to work for major corporations in a variety of roles, such as global business developer, global supply chain manager, international brand managers and global merchandising and development.

Faculty Spotlight

John Cantwell

Distinguished Professor and Former Editor-in-Chief of Journal of International Business Studies

Dr. Cantwell came to Rutgers as Professor of International Business in 2002. Coming from a Chair in International Economics at the University of Reading in the UK, he has also been a Visiting Professor at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", the University of the Social Sciences, Toulouse, and the...

I came to Rutgers Business School as a 'career changer.' I had started in the non-profit sector on the business side, and I really fell in love with business. I knew that to get to the next step in my career, I needed a thorough understanding of the analytic tools and skills to help firms succeed in the global economy.
—  Lisa Podhayny, MBA 2012