MBA Concentration in Technology Commercialization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At Rutgers Business School, we see entrepreneurs as leaders: solving problems, seeking opportunities and building a sustainable future for our world through innovation. Entrepreneurship is more than a skill, it’s a passion and a vision. It’s the ability to see the world as it could be and persuade others to help make it happen.

Becoming such a leader requires more than learning a set of tools or memorizing business-speak. You don’t become an entrepreneur by passing an exam or writing a paper. You have to immerse yourself in the real world and learn by doing – an apprenticeship. At Rutgers Business School, we are committed to providing this experience for students who dare to shape the future.

The Technology Commercialization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA (formerly “entrepreneurship”) encourages our students to lead technology commercialization efforts inside of their companies, come up with innovative business ideas, generate new sources of enterprise, and create new jobs. Here you will acquire the skills you need and meet an entirely new network made up of classmates, professors and alumni who will be your future advisors, mentors and investors, and business partners. Our ambitious, entrepreneurial and collaborative environment is the perfect place for you to get your business ideas rolling.

If you are interested in technology commercialization, we’ve introduced a new sequence of courses specifically designed to bring business students and the STEM disciplines together to develop the knowledge and master the skills necessary for entrepreneurship and technology commercialization while building a new venture. We call it the Collaboration for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (CTEC).

The CTEC course adapts a teaching method called “The CTEC Algorithm” that was initially developed using a large grant from the National Science Foundation targeted at developing methods to cross the so called ‘Valley of Death’ separating scientific discovery from commercial value creation. The algorithm was originally designed to move technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace, but it increasingly demonstrates broader usefulness in the discovery and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities.

The MBA Concentration in Technology Commercialization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a 12-14 credit program that teaches graduate students important 21st century skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.


Sample Courses

  • Managing Growing Ventures
  • Opportunity Identification and Evaluation
  • Collaborative for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization
  • New Product Innovation
  • Business Models to Launch
  • Small Business Finance
  • Venture Capital


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