2016 Innovations in Graduate Business Education panelists

Innovations in Business Education Conference

Shaping the Future of Business Education

Business is a rapidly transforming space, and it is important that the educators of future business leaders not only keep pace but also steer the course in this ever-changing environment. Further, our leadership responsibility extends beyond our students and corporate partners to include the under-served communities which must share in business success.

At Rutgers Business School we seek to accomplish this by hosting conferences where business school leaders can develop and share methods that foster in business school students the skills necessary to be personally successful and contribute to the advancement of business and the betterment of the communities in which they live and work.

Each year the Innovations conference shifts its focus to hone in on issues specific to business education. This year the theme is Forever Changed: Envisioning B-School 2030.

Innovations in Undergraduate & Graduate Business Education 2021

Rutgers Business School hosted the 5th Innovations in Business Education conference virtually October 12-13, 2021.

Higher education has been one of America’s strongest global assets. However, this bedrock of American progress is facing unprecedented challenges. The global pandemic has only intensified and magnified the shifts in the changing landscape of business education.

To address these issues, the Innovations in Undergraduate & Graduate Business Education (IUGBE) virtual conference brought together over 200 leaders from industry and business schools across the country to discuss and debate new ideas to deliver curriculum that prepares students for the rapid advances in technology, innovation, and globalization in a truly digital era. 


Undergraduate & Graduate

Emphasizing trends and issues relevant to graduate business education, this conference brings together academics and industry to discuss the future of business education, as well as current trends and changes.

Exchanging research and insights and ideas with other Big 10 conference schools and business school leaders, this thought-provoking conference gives educators and businesspeople from across the nation an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to better prepare students for being successful workers and leaders in the business world.

Past panel discussions have addressed issues like the impact of technology on teaching and learning, how business schools are re-imaging their cultures and the skills companies are demanding of graduates looking for jobs in a changing business world.

Student in class.
If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.
—  John Dewey