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Admissions Deadline: Rolling Admissions (For September 2024 start date, deadline July 31, 2024)

Welcome to the Powerhouse


Life balance, Executive MBA programs (Ivy Exec), 2019.


Top EMBA program for Economics, globally - for the 3rd time (Financial Times), 2020.


in CEO Magazine's 2024 Global Executive MBA Rankings

Welcome to the Powerhouse


in the world for student rating of the quality of the faculty (The Economist), 2020


Globally (Ivy Exec), 2019

(#6 in the Northeast)


Top 50 U.S. Executive MBA programs (Poets & Quants), 2019

Frequently Asked Questions about Rutgers EMBA

Why is Rutgers EMBA largely an in-person program? Why an in-person program versus online?

Aside from two courses out of 18, Rutgers EMBA is in-person. The students have found that they learn almost as much from each other as from the professors. Being in-person during the four weeks-in-residences at The Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick over the four semesters, and then together on the two-week trip to Vietnam, and given the four meals per day in Emba, it is no wonder that virtually all the job placement and job transitioning happens thanks to class connections and the constant networking. In fact, our EMBAs were the first ones to want to come back in-person following Covid! More information at our in-person Open Houses, where you get to interact with the current students.

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Can I really handle the work-load?

Short answer: Yes! We have been repeatedly ranked #1 in “Quality of Life” by Ivy Exec (New York) for all EMBA programs in the Northeast. The additional work (outside class) would be 7-10 hours per week. Our advice is to just stay with your notes daily. The big difference between Rutgers EMBA (The Powerhouse) and other EMBA programs is that our mantra is “what we cover in class today will be used by you at work next week.” This self-imposed charter has, in fact, driven our strategy and has garnered continuous global rankings for The Powerhouse since 2005. If you have to travel, we will work with you. If you are swamped at work, we will work with you.

Please visit an Open House (online or in-person) and speak directly to current students for more feedback.

But I have pressing family issues. Life is tough nowadays, especially post-Covid!

At the last open house – it happened to be an online event on a Saturday – one of the current students was scheduled to speak to the attendees for a few minutes. He was doing so from his SUV, bringing his kids home from swimming. Later in the conversation, he had to head to Shoprite! By the time the session ended, one of the attendees had the same question as above, and he (now finally home) addressed it with: “Look, I am an executive in a major pharmaceutical company with a demanding job and I have four kids---the youngest was born just literally days before I started Rutgers EMBA. This is not an exceptional day for me---this is a TYPICAL day for me. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Second year EMBA student, Shubhamvada Nihalani describes how she makes room for an Executive MBA amid a busy life.

But how do I know if the time is right?

Prof. Langdana (EMBA Director): “There will never be a totally optimum time. Many years ago, at a Rutgers EMBA open house, one of the current students answered this question perfectly. She responded to the query from one of the open house attendees with: ‘Doing an EMBA program is like getting married or having a baby. There is no perfect time. You know you have to do it, so you do it. A finely tuned, world-class and practical EMBA program that is globally ranked like Rutgers EMBA will give you real confidence and powerful finance/strategy/marketing/supply chain and Executive Skills to make it to the C-suite where we all want to be!’

Finally, EMBA or just plain MBA? How do I know that I even need this degree?

For the record, you will be awarded the MBA degree when you graduate. On your resume you will state that you have an MBA from the Rutgers Executive MBA Program. All employers will immediately know what that means!

And regarding your question: “Do I really need this?” Yes, if you are trying to make a major job transition---say, from doing surgery to running a hospital, or from science and technology to senior leadership where Finance, Strategy, Accounting, New Technology such as AI and Big Data, Leadership, etc., are necessary. Or you simply want to launch your dream start-up; you are fed up with working for a big company….or vice versa? Then The Powerhouse is for you. In fact, The Powerhouse even offers a dedicated Executive Coach to guide you through your career transition!

If you are happy where you are at work and are wearing “many hats”--- engineering, sales, HR, strategy, legal, IT, consulting, supply chain, to name a few---and are basically “making it up” as you go along, then you need Rutgers EMBA to give you the real high-powered practical tools to move up faster and better at work. Rutgers EMBA is perfect for Career Accelerators! For more from the current students and alumni, please come by and visit us at our open houses. Sign up below.

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Corporate Connections

Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse students and alumni are employed by a large and impressive range of organizations--from Fortune 500 global giants to small businesses to not-for-profits.

Most recently, Rutgers Business School has been recognized as one of the Top 10 U.S. B-schools with the most number of CEOs in Fortune 500 firms.

Take your career to the next level at Rutgers Business School

Program Highlights

Rutgers EMBA Curriculum

Curriculum Upgrades

Rutgers Executive MBA program announces important upgrades to its curriculum

Curriculum Details

Learn more about the curriculum and the available course for each semester.

Rutgers EMBA students

A Top-Ranked Executive MBA

AACSB AccreditationFor years, the Rutgers Executive MBA program has been recognized globally as a leader in executive business education. Learn more about our track record of excellence by viewing our full list of rankings.

  • #1 in Work-Life Balance, Ivy Exec.
  • #4 for Salary Increase (%) 
  • #6 globally by CEO Magazine
  • #10 globally in Quality of EMBA Faculty, The Economist.
  • #14 Top 100 Business Schools in the U.S. (#3 in the Big Ten and #59 in the world)
  • #14 for Aims Achieved #15 for Total Salary 
  • #15 for Career Progress (Financial Times, 2023)

Read: Rutgers Executive MBA ranked #28 in the U.S. by The Economist

Read: Rutgers Executive MBA Ranked #8 globally by CEO Magazine (2022)

Rutgers MBA Programs Comparison

This comparison chart of Rutgers Business School MBA programs provides an overview to help you select the program that best meets your needs.

  Full-Time MBA Part-Time MBA Executive MBA MBA in Professional Accounting

Year Founded

1929 1929 1980 1956
Start Fall




Fall Summer

Best Suited For

Professionals interested in building business skills and/or changing careers Working professionals seeking career advancement with present employer or industry Professionals with at least 8-10 years of experience seeking accelerated career growth Professionals interested in a career in accounting

Student Profile

(in averages)

Averages are NOT minimum requirements.

GPA: 3.41

GMAT: 642

GRE: 318

Work exp.: 49 months

Age: 27
GPA 3.3

GMAT: 582

GRE: 309

Work exp.: 89 months

Age: 30
Work exp.: 14 years GPA: 3.23

GMAT: 583

Work exp.: 30 months

Age: 24
Work Experience Requirements 2 years Currently employed with at least one year strongly recommended 8-10 years required No work experience required
Access to Career Services For career advisement, OCR Program-summer internships and for full-time positions in second year. For career advisement only; after 24 credits for full-time job search, including OCR-full-time positions. Dedicated Program Career Professional Dedicated Program Career Professional
On-Campus Recruiting Summer Internships and Full-time jobs. Review your First-Year Experience Full-time jobs ONLY in Final-Year Experience prior to graduation The EMBA Career Management staff provides career services Winter internships and full time positions
Length of Program 21 months 2-8 years 20 months 14 months
Classes Meet Core: Day

Electives: Day and Evening
Core: Evening

Electives: Day and Evening
Newark for weekend classes Day only
Specializations Available Yes Yes


# of Credits Required 60 credits 49 credits 57 credits 66 credits
Program Location Newark Newark and New Brunswick with satellite locations in Jersey City and Morristown Newark for weekend classes Newark
Annual Enrollment 50-70 ~200 Up to 60 ~35
2022-2023 Tuition

(not including fees)














Admissions FT-MBA Learn More PT-MBA Learn More EMBA Learn More MBA-PA Learn More

Having trouble viewing this chart? Please click here to download a PDF version.

Testimonial from Mike Stanzione, Emba 2021, in the frontline of the Battle Against Covid-19:

Prof. Langdana reminds us of your famous dictum, Rosa: "Correlation does not imply Causation" And this has been fundamentally important in "identifying" the causality using your statistical analysis. In addition, Farrokh had told us in our interviews with him, that the Statistics that you taught us, Rosa---ranked #3 in the world in all EMBA Programs by Financial Times---is the very foundation, the bedrock, for Digitization and Big Data Strategy (which subsumes Data Analytics). And he was so right!

I’ve been in the weeds with these brilliant statisticians and epidemiologists aligning on study design and, because of you and your classes, Rosa, I actually understood what they were talking about for the first time in my career! We were able to not only control for COVID, but also match the population to a control group of over 1000 characteristics!

Thank you very much from a humble student of yours!
—  Michael Stanzione, REMBA 2021

A Career Imperative

Now is the time to achieve parity with the huge changes that characterize today’s business world. If a challenging, globalized business education is your career imperative, think of the Rutgers EMBA program as its integral component.

Rutgers' prestige, history, and international reputation converge to give you an MBA program of uncompromising quality.

Alumni Impact and Opportunities

Our EMBA alumni in the healthcare profession are leaving their mark in history, leveraging their expertise, networks, and experiences to assist healthcare networks in the midst of a global crisis. Visit our alumni page to learn more about the EMBA Powerhouse Healthcare Professional Network and other REMBA-exclusive alumni opportunities.

EMBA Powerhouse Healthcare Professional Network

This group is for EMBA healthcare professionals who may be working in one of the many related fields of Healthcare. Emba alumni who are Doctors and Nurses, or in any other clinical roles, hospital administrators, HC consulting, technology (designing and deploying HC Platforms) and life sciences. The goal is to leverage the deep knowledge, networks, and skill sets held by EMBA professionals who are working in the healthcare field.

Powerhouse Voices

From doctors to lawyers to managing directors, Rutgers EMBA alumni are shaping and leading industry.
Completing the Rutgers Executive MBA program has proven to be one of the greatest financial and personal investments that I have made to date.
Aaron Krause
Engagement Manager, Brand & Commercial Strategy, IMS Consulting Group.
The Rutgers EMBA has been the best investment I have made in my career. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering an MBA education.
Jing Suk
Vice President, director for strategy and analysis, Digitas.
The Rutgers experience meant a great deal to me, and it was an immense source of pride that in my fifth decade, I could successfully compete with younger, more technically savvy classmates.
Robert Braunstein, M.D.
Ophthalmology Chair, Morristown Medical Center; Professor, Columbia.

EMBA Stories

Watch our alumni talk about the impact the Rutgers Executive MBA Powerhouse had on their career.

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Read our Executive MBA alumni stories. 

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In the News

Find out why Ivy Exec listed the RBS EMBA program as one of their Best Executive MBA Programs for Healthcare/Pharma Leaders

Ivy Exec lists the RBS Executive MBA program as one of 4 EMBA Programs with Exceptional Veteran Support

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International Program

Rutgers Business School Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of Rutgers University. Through this partnership, Rutgers offers the highly ranked EMBA Program to talented professionals in Singapore.

Graduates of the Executive MBA program in Singapore earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree conferred by Rutgers. The MBA Certificate and Transcript are issued by the University. Graduates from Singapore are invited to attend the annual convocation in New Jersey, USA each year.

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