Student Profile

Undergraduate Program


  Total (Newark and New Brunswick)
Females 57%
Males 43%
African American 5.7%
Asian 30%
Hispanic 16%
White 30%
Non-resident alien 14%
Other 4.3%

Most underrepresented minority students in the Big Ten:

Newark New Brunswick
41% 27%


Career Tracks

The undergraduate program consists of 7 career tracks.  The curriculum in each of these fields prepares the students to be thought leaders in the workforce.

Career Tracks
Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT)- New Brunswick campus only
Leadership and Management
Management Information Systems (MIS)- Newark campus only
Supply Chain Management
Rutgers Career Services offers resources to employers that ensure mutually successful relationships. RBS's approach to preparing students to connect effectively with potential employers has created a steady stream of qualified candidates for Marcum.
—  Ruth Stone, HR Manager, Marcum LLP