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The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) is the first center of its kind in the nation to integrate scholarly works with private capital, government, and non-profit sectors to develop citywide resources and bring renewed economic growth and vitality through urban entrepreneurship. We promote and foster a new generation of urban entrepreneurs who actively seek socially conscious urban renaissance.

Our mission is to build a world-class research-driven, teaching and practitioner-oriented urban entrepreneurship and economic development program that will transform the economy of the City of Newark, New Jersey, and other urban centers; create wealth in urban communities; and be a model for all urban universities.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading Center for innovative thinking and research on entrepreneurial activity in urban environments. As such, we work across constituencies to create new knowledge and tools that build thriving urban communities.

CUEED provides various types of assistance to entrepreneurs in different industries. You may use this directory to search for service providers/products. (Please note that CUEED is not responsible for the services and/or products that are offered by the businesses or for the content of their website. If there is any inappropriate content please notify us.)

Watch: CUEED Celebrates a Decade of Success Supporting Entrepreneurs & Economic Development

CUEED Initiatives

$20M Connection
Rutgers seeks to identify 10 entrepreneurs of color who are now operating companies with annual revenues exceeding $3M and delivering quality professional services. Rutgers will work to intentionally accelerate the next level of business growth by (a) facilitating and nurturing relationships with select corporate partners and (b) providing specialized executive education to increase organizational effectiveness to meet the demand created by new contracts.
Newark Business Hub
Newark Business Hub, a Rutger Business School CUEED program, is a networked accelerator dedicated to empowering media and arts entrepreneurs that are focused on growing their business faster, better and stronger.
Black and Latinos in Technology
The Black and Latino in Tech Initiative (BLT) is a 6-week “pre-accelerator” for founders of color to develop critical skills, receive mentorship, develop relationships and refine business ideas to attract capital investment. The goal of BLT is to assist Black and Latino founders with admission into accelerators or to attract significant capital investment and to develop a pipeline of Black and Latino technology entrepreneurs for our established venture capital partners.
Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative
Designed exclusively for first-generation entrepreneurs, EPI is a highly competitive nine-month program that can serve as a single source to support the growth of your business. The program offers a powerful blend of monthly classes, intensive training, one-on-one counseling, financial guidance, peer coaching and networking — all at a nominal cost.
Urban Retail Acceleration Program (URAP)
The Urban Retail Acceleration Program (URAP) is an exclusive program designed specifically for Black and Latino entrepreneurs who currently operate a retail or restaurant business in New Jersey and are interested in opening a new retail store or restaurant.
Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Workshop
Do you already make custom jewelry, decorative home items, or other handmade products for sale or gift giving? If so, this course will teach you how to start an online shop for your unique line of handcrafted items. In partnership with Etsy, a leader in e-commerce for creative entrepreneurs The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) is offering classes to help craft makers like you establish an online business to sell your products to a wider market and earn extra income.

Resources and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

CUEED’s economic development initiatives focus on assisting entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their businesses and thus create wealth within their communities.

Center members, Cory Booker, and local owners of The Coffee Cave holding a check from Paul Profeta Urban Investment Foundation for $25,000
Paul Profeta, founding CUEED contributor, supporting local entrepreneurs.
Members of CUEED holding a check from Community Development Banking