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The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation Program (rSBI)

Upskill your knowledge. The rSBI program provides stackable graduate-level classes of your choosing to gain relevant business knowledge and skills.

The future of work is changing

You need to be ready.

Of workers are not prepared for the future of work (Gartner, 2018).


Of workers are ready to learn new skills or completely retrain in order to remain employable in the future (PwC, 2018).


Take courses from the #1 public business school in the Northeast (Financial Times, 2018).

27 Jun
Upskill your knowledge. The rSBI program provides stackable graduate-level classes of your choosing to gain relevant business knowledge and skills.

Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Employability

The future of education is changing. The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) program allows you to design your own cutting-edge curriculum without having to commit to a degree program. The term ‘stackable’ means students can earn course credits at their own discretion and apply them toward a non-degree certificate.

The nature of work is also changing. Keeping up with the latest trends in business has become a career imperative. Build on your knowledge and earn a certificate by stacking courses together, becoming a subject matter expert (SME) for your company and your resume. Many of these course credits can then be transferred toward completing a Master’s degree.

The rSBI program offers three ways to earn a certificate:

  • Take individual Courses in a specific subject area to enhance your knowledge on that topic.
  • Stack Courses towards a Concentration where you can earn a certificate in that subject matter.
  • Take a 1-credit Short Course that best fits your educational needs.

Keep up with emerging technologies and innovation

The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) program is perfect if you already have a Master's degree and need to refresh your knowledge and skills to stay current. It’s also for you if you are a college graduate who is considering pursuing a Master’s degree, but you want to test the waters in a particular discipline before committing to a full degree program. Regardless of your background and goals, the rSBI program is unique in allowing you to choose only the courses that are relevant to you right now.

rSBI Concentrations, Courses, and Short Courses

View the Concentrations, Courses, and Short Courses offered by each of the six academic departments.


All applicants will be asked to submit undergraduate transcripts, a resume, and a short essay explaining their interest in the program and their academic and/or professional background. 

Additional documentation, such as standardized test scores, graduate transcripts, or letters of recommendation, may be requested based on the status of the applicant and the criteria of the academic department.


By choosing only the courses you need and enrolling at your own pace, it will be more affordable to manage the cost of your education. You can choose online or in-person courses to fit your busy life. Further, you will develop strong connections to RBS faculty, classmates, and alumni. Learn from and interact with your fellow students who come from diverse backgrounds and work experiences. Grow your professional network with people who have a passion for learning and tap into Rutgers Business School's global, 45,000-strong, alumni network. 

The Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation program:

  • Is fully stackable
  • Is affordable
  • Offers certificates across all of RBS’s innovative knowledge domains
  • Offers specialized concentration options within certificates
  • Offers a self-paced, customized curriculum
  • Offers credits transferrable to other Master's degree programs

Coursework Offers Paths to Expertise that Empowers Your Career

Choose to take any rSBI course à la carte or stack courses to earn a certificate. Earning certificates in the Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) program is an effective way for you to become a subject matter expert (SME) after completing a series of courses. Trending business concepts and skills across knowledge domains are constantly updated to ensure relevance in the marketplace.

The key advantage of the Rutgers Stackable Business Innovation (rSBI) program is that you can continually learn the hottest topics in business and effectively integrate lifelong learning into your career.



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