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Below you will find the responses to the common questions asked about our Career Management program. If you have additional questions or need more clarification, you can contact us directly at

How can I engage with your students?

We offer several ways to engage with students. Based on your needs we can point you in the right direction that will help you to achieve your hiring goals.

Career Fairs

We host two business career fairs annually in the Fall and Spring semester. The career fairs are open to all Rutgers Business School students, which include undergraduates, graduates, and alumni. We also hold a career fair that is specifically for our Supply Chain Management students. Students who attend this fair must have Supply Chain Management as one of their majors/concentrations. For more information, please click here.

Rutgers University Career Services, located on the New Brunswick campus, holds a bi-annual, 2-day career fair in the Fall and Spring semester that is open to all Rutgers students. They also host a statewide fair open to all New Jersey residents. For more information, please click here.

Rutgers University Career Development Center, located in Newark, hosts four bi-annual career fairs focused on different audiences throughout the semester. For more information on these career fairs, please click here.

Corporate Presentations

This is the most formal way of interacting with our students. A presentation is typically 90 minutes and consists of a 50-minute presentation, followed by a 40-minute networking reception and questions. In these presentations, you are encouraged to share information about your company’s history, the work culture, hiring needs, and the recruitment process.

Meet & Greets

Meet & Greets are an alternative to Corporate Presentations that allow for you to have a more personal interaction with our students. We can help you to schedule a Meet & Greet either on-campus or at an off-site venue. These events are great ways to develop stronger relationships with your top candidates and to assess their fit with your company culture. They provide a chance to have more one-on-one interaction with the students and are beneficial for them as well as you.

Student Club Events

There are student clubs on both the graduate and undergraduate level that you can partner with to co-host an event. Working with student clubs can give you a more targeted audience based on the particular club's membership. The type of events can vary depending on your partnership with a club and the events can be coordinated with the leadership of the organization. A list of student organizations can be provided upon request.

What other ways can I brand myself on campus?

Having a recognizable brand on campus helps you to establish a connection with the students so that even when the recruiting season has ended, you are still one of the top companies of choice. There are opportunities to partner with us that vary in their level of commitment, but each one can help you to create a stronger presence on campus.

In-class Guest Speaker

Many of our faculty are always looking for ways to enhance the classroom experience, and they look to industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences to supplement the course material. Your company can have a representative speak in front of a classroom of students with audiences ranging from 30 -100+ on topics such as current industry trends, advances in technology, navigating the current workforce and more.

Sponsored Ad

You can create long-lasting visibility by purchasing ad space in a day planner that is distributed to students every semester. The day planner is created annually.

RBS Mentorship Programs

We have mentor programs on both the undergraduate and graduate level. To learn more about these programs, please click here.

Case Competitions

You can create and host a case competition that can help you to identify top talent in a competitive setting. These events allow for you to view our students in action and assess their fit with your company.

How do I participate in the career fairs?

Career fairs are hosted on a University level and a school level. Most fairs occur between early September through early October during the Fall semester and late January through mid-February in the Spring semester. Registration requirements and information can be found on the individual websites for each hosting career center. Fee structures for each fair are located on their respective registration pages.


Rutgers Business School Career Fairs

Information for the Rutgers Business School career fairs can be found here.

These fairs are only open to Rutgers Business School students.


University Career Fairs

Information for Rutgers University career fairs in New Brunswick can be found here.

Information for Rutgers University career fairs in Newark can be found here.

University career fairs are open to all Rutgers students and alumni.

Do I have to go to different campuses to recruit?

No, it is not necessary.

Rutgers Business School is one school located on two campuses: Newark and New Brunswick. That means that your job posting will be viewed by students on both campuses. However, it is recommended that you visit the one or both campuses to build relationships with the students, staff, and faculty.

Can my company hire students without participating in on-campus activities?


Although we highly recommend engaging with our students to establish your brand on campus, you can still hire students without visiting. If you only wish to post job opportunities, BusinessKnight is our internal job portal that is accessible by students and alumni. Click on the link to create an account and start posting your opportunities.


Can I recruit students for unpaid internships?

The requirements to determine if an internship is unpaid are outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division under the Fair Labor Standards Act. It is highly recommended that for-profit organizations fairly compensate students for their participation in internships programs. This not only benefits the student, but it gives you a competitive advantage as well since most of the top students are more willing to work with companies that will compensate them fairly.

How can I identify groups of students based on specific criteria such as GPA, major/concentration, location, etc.?

When you submit your job posting to BusinessKnight to hire Rutgers Business School students, you can specify the criteria you would like the applicants to meet, and the posting will only be visible to those students. Filtering criteria varies for other University job portals. If you need assistance with more targeted recruiting, you can reach out to us directly.

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