Alumni Ambassador Program

At Rutgers Business School, we recognize that there are no better ambassadors than our alumni. We encourage you to talk to friends, family members, colleagues, or peers you think could benefit from a graduate degree at RBS and let us know if you think they belong at RBS. If your referral applies and enrolls to a Rutgers Business School graduate degree program with full time status for a semester (or equivalent in part-time status), you will be eligible to receive a free online mini-MBA® or executive education course. Each alumnus/a who makes a successful referral will be acknowledged with a personal RBS Alumni Ambassador plaque. As an alumnus/a, you can refer up to 5 potential students per academic year.

Referral eligibility requirements and scholarship details:

  • Any graduate from Rutgers Business School (regardless of program format) is eligible to make a referral
  • The referral must be made using the online form presented here
  • Students are not eligible for multiple alumni referral awards
  • The referral must be submitted before the prospective student starts an application to the professional program. Self-referrals are not accepted
  • Referred student must acknowledge your positive influence for their decision to attend RBS during the application process and start the degree program within one year of referral
  • In order to receive the course, the student must be enrolled in any RBS graduate degree program and have completed at least 12 credits (typically four classes)