1st Annual Supply Chain Analytics Doctoral Colloquium

On May 26th-27th 2020, right before the 1st Data-Driven Supply Chain Research conference at Rutgers, the first Supply Chain Analytics Doctoral Colloquium will take place at the beautiful New Brunswick campus of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The Doctoral Colloquium is a two-day event aimed at preparing PhD students for research and teaching in the area of supply chain management and data analytics. Junior faculty working in these areas are also welcome to attend.

High impact research usually meets three conditions: powerful (i.e., significant financial / economical /social impact), novel, and sophisticated (not obvious). This colloquium showcases examples of how to meet these conditions by choosing the right topics, framing the right questions, building adequate mathematical models, and uncovering useful insights and solutions that are beyond conventional wisdom. The path to publication, pros and cons of an academic career and how to prepare for it will also be discussed.

You will also be introduced to a variety of successful examples in teaching supply chain analytics that can help you build a successful academic career, as well as to build a network of peers and leading academics for your career. PhD students interested in an academic career and supply chain analytics are welcome to apply.