MD / MBA - Newark

A collaborative effort between Rutgers Business School and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School – Newark, this dual degree program provides medical students with a background relating to healthcare management. It provides them the opportunity for learning in a unique environment with a diverse community of students, taught by internationally renowned professors while broadening their career perspectives.

The MBA requires the completion of 60 credits of course work. This includes 25 credits of required and “core” and “foundation” MBA courses focused on accounting, economics, finance, decision analysis, marketing, statistics, information technology, supply chain, law and management strategies. This sequence of course work also includes a choice of the 3 credit Integrative Requirement by completing Integrative Bus. Applications, Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development or Evaluating New Ventures.  The program is specifically targeted to the needs of medical students through the inclusion of 12 credits transferred in from the medical school in areas of ethics, environmental medicine, and clinical prevention. The remaining credits required for the MBA represent elective business courses or noted substitutes selected on the basis of student interest and may include available courses at the School of Public Health.  Students admitted to the MD/MBA Program will complete a total of 48 credits at Rutgers Business School.

The MD and MBA degrees are accomplished during the course of a 5 year medical school program. Students apply to Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs – Newark and New Brunswick for admission to the MBA Program.  Newark Medical School students should apply immediately following admission to medical school.  Students may begin the MBA program before the first year of medical school.


Quick Facts

  • Credits: 48 credits (the traditional Rutgers MBA is 60 credits, RBS will accept 12 credits from the MD program)
  • Status: Full time
  • Campus: Newark
  • Entrance Exam: GMAT


Program Contacts

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Mallory Scott
Administrative Analyst, Rutgers NJ Medical School