Business Continuity and Facing Mega Disruptions: an Introductory Talk

The large-scale supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 have raised questions for companies – how can they better prepare for the future? How can they ensure the protection of their supply chain? How can they respond to the unknown? This webinar explores Business Continuity Management in the wake of mega-disruptions.

17 Feb
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The advent of COVID-19 and its effects have raised concerns about the effect of large scale pandemics and other large scale disruptions. How can companies prepare themselves for the possibilities of another such disaster? How can they ensure that their supply chain is better protected? Perhaps more importantly how can they be able to quickly and effectively respond to such unknown and novel events? Dr. Arash Azadegan, who has numerous peer-reviewed articles on the topic of Business Continuity explores the particular aspects of business continuity management and how they can be leveraged for mega-disruptions. The key summary point for this presentation is the three pillars of BCM including (1) Business Impact Analysis (2) Response and Recovery Plan and (3) Institutionalization.

Speaker: Arash Azadegan

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