Credit Management 4 Business & Personal

Topic: Financing

15 Sep
Price: $45.00


Establishing business credit is not as hard as you think. There are simple ways to get started in getting your business to stand on its own when it comes to credit. The fact is that many business loans are denied due to the lack of business credit. Join us and learn how to:

  • How to establish business credit
  • Use business credit responsibly
  • Maintain a healthy business credit report
  • Use suppliers to build your business credit
  • Separate your personal and business credit
  • Most people fund their first business with their personal credit not knowing the risk it involves. Join us as we share tips and best practices on how to get yourself back on track to better manage your personal credit and increase your score.

You'll learn:

  • How personal credit works
  • How to increase your credit scores and maintain it
  • How to deal with creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus
  • How to remove inquiries from your credit report
  • The importance of maintaining a good credit score
  • How to establish credit
  • Tips to keep you focused on your journey to a perfect credit score

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This event is $45.00.