Designing the Perfect Digital Campaign Workshop

Design the perfect digital campaign using your website, social media and analytics.

19 Nov
Price: $50.00


The RNSBDC Integrated Digital Marketing Series learning objectives are to teach small businesses how to create an integrated marketing campaign/program across multiple platforms. These campaigns would ensure that the business is targeting their ideal customer through multiple touch points to Acquire, Engage, Retain Customers, eventually turning them into loyal advocates.

Take your digital marketing efforts to the next level and ensure that your marketing campaign is more effective. Learn how to implement different digital marketing strategies to create a complete, result-driven marketing campaign that will capture the attention of your customers.


  • Determining your target audience: Who are you interested in attracting?
  • Setting specific goals and metrics (KPIs): What do you want to accomplish with your campaign and how will you measure performance?
  • Crafting your offer: What incentive will get the attention of your target audience?
  • Identifying your channels: What media channels will you use to promote your offer?  Websites / Social Media / Email / Mobile / Video etc.
  • Determining your campaign budget
  • Creating clear, consistent and optimized content: How will you get the visitor to take action?
  • Defining your lead nurturing strategy: How to help your visitors along their buying journey?
  • Tracking and measuring results: How will you measure success?

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