Multicultural Marketing Seminar

Join industry experts for presentations and panel discussions on the research, methods, creative process, and responsibilities involved in multicultural marketing.

22 Oct
Price: FREE

1 Washington Park, Newark, NJ 07102 - Room 220 - Bove Auditorium

Join us as we bring in subject matter experts in Multicultural Marketing related to various communities including African American, LatinX, Asian, LGBTQ, and others in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion area, and gain valuable exposure to this information affecting Marketing careers.

Increasingly, American demographics are changing, and to relate to these growing audiences, marketers must recognize different cultural shifts and messages that are affected by this reality. To be a relevant marketer, you must be able to pivot and acknowledge messages and situations that accommodate these various communities.

Learn from industry experts how to market to these different market segments through presentations, panel discussions, and fireside chats with executives from leading consumer and B2B companies, research firms, and advertising agencies.

A light continental breakfast and coffee will be provided along with a networking lunch according to health guidance at the time.

Here's a sample of some of the topic questions that will be addressed in the seminar:

  • What is the importance of multicultural marketing?
  • What are the concepts and strategies that companies use in targeting different racial and ethnic consumer groups?
  • What data sources are available and used to help businesses better understand multicultural markets?
  • What are the basic market research techniques to gain greater insight about multicultural markets?
  • Does multicultural marketing provide a competitive advantage for companies to increase revenues or improve performance?
  • Is there a perceived commitment to also support the communities associated with the people from the multicultural markets?
  • Is it important to have employees from the various multicultural group on the teams that develop the marketing strategies aimed at those markets?
  • What is the market potential, buying patterns, and other characteristics of selected racial and ethnic and affinity groups?
  • What is the difference between viewing America as a "melting pot" versus a "salad bowl?"
  • What examples of ads, campaigns, and/or specific strategies for products and services do they believe speak to best practices in multicultural markets?
  • What future trends do they see in multicultural marketing?


If you have any further questions, please contact RBS Marketing Administrative Coordinator, Marla Shachtman, at


This event is free.