RBS Business Community Engagement Symposium

Through this symposium, Rutgers Business School reaches out and shares information on pressing business issues to stimulate collaboration among an audience of people from higher education institutions, corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and government.

29 Oct
Price: FREE


Small/Mid-Sized Business Challenge:
Making "Dough" Rise in the New Economy

Businesses, particularly Small and Medium Sized Businesses, are hungry for information during this disruptive period of the pandemic. In particular, ‘news you can use’ in your business would be particularly valuable.

Hence, the theme of the 2020 Symposium is : “Small/Mid-Sized Business Challenge: Making 'Dough' Rise in the New Economy.” Our target audience is SMBs that have employees and have $1 million or more in annual revenues.

Our keynote speaker will be a celebrity restauranter who knows how to both grow a business and give back to the community.

Our panelists cover how a business was able to ‘pivot’ and stay viable, a range of resources that are available through the State of New Jersey, a mentorship program for small businesses that want access procurement dollars from a major corporation, do’s and don’ts to get a business bank loan, and how to ramp up toward and on the e-commerce journey.

For more information, click on the “Agenda” link and the “Biographies” link at the bottom of this web page.

Speakers Include:

Nancy Cantor's profile picture

Nancy Cantor
Chancellor, Rutgers - Newark

Lei Lei's profile picture

Lei Lei
Rutgers Business School

Kelly Broznya
State Director

Leon Fraser's profile picture

Leon Fraser
Rutgers Business School

Andrea Cunnell's profile picture

Andrea Cunnell
Rutgers Business School

Chef José Andrés
Newark Working Kitchens

Lyneir Richardson's profile picture

Lyneir Richardson
Rutgers Business School

Mitch Cahn

Tai Cooper
Senior Vice President
NJ Economic Development Authority

Kevin Lyons's profile picture

Kevin Lyons
Rutgers Business School

Christine Neely
Vice President

Marjorie Perry
President & CEO
MZM Construction & Management Co., Inc.

Artuto Osorio's profile picture

Arturo Osorio
Rutgers Business School

John Murgatroyd
NE Regional Manager – Small Business Segment
TD Bank

Tim Peter's profile picture

Tim Peter
eCommerce & Marketing Strategy Expert

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Lei Lei, Dean,

Rutgers Business School –

Newark & New Brunswick


Opening Remarks

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor,

Rutgers University – Newark



Kelly Broznya

State Director, NJ Small Business Development Centers


Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Andrea Cunnell,

Rutgers Business School


Keynote Speaker:

A Master Chef on Service to the Community

Chef José Andrés, Co-founder,

Newark Working Kitchens


Kneading the Dough:

Reshaping your Business

Lyneir Richardson, Moderator

Rutgers Business School


Mitch Cahn, President,



Tai Cooper, Senior Vice President,

NJ Economic Development Authority


Getting the Dough to Rise:

Procurement as a Key Ingredient

Kevin Lyons, Moderator

Rutgers Business School


Christine Neely, Vice President,



Marjorie Perry, President & CEO,

MZM Construction & Management Co., Inc.


Going to Market and Making “Bread”:

Leveraging Capital and eCommerce

Arturo Osorio, Moderator

Rutgers Business School


John Murgatroyd, NE Regional Manager – Small Business Segment, TD Bank


Tim Peter,

eCommerce & Marketing Strategy Expert


Slicing the Bread:

Networking in Breakout Groups

Symposium participants in Zoom rooms


End of Symposium



For more information, contact: RBS_Symposium@business.rutgers.edu


This event is free.