Supply Chain Analytics Lab (SCAL) Webinar

Pandemic Influenza and Hunger Game

26 Aug
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Looking for a teaching case on pandemics and the vaccine supply chain? Looking for a game to teach panic ordering, hoarding and Prisoner’s Dilemma under supply shortage?

Join us at 4pm EDT on August 26th, 2021 to learn the Pandemic Influenza case and Hunger Chain simulation (or Hunger Game).

Objective: Use case study and gaming to teach vaccine supply chain planning, shortage gaming and how to align commerce with public health.

Format: 75 minutes, online, no registration fee.

Program highlights:

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard, and its new mutations are coming back and may hit us again and again. Vaccine is the primary weapon to fight the pandemic, however, the vaccine supply chains and the inherent conflict of interest between commerce and government present a major challenge in our fast response to the viruses.

In this webinar, we introduce a teaching case, Pandemic Influenza, to reveal these challenges in detail and to teach students on (1) how to predict rare but disastrous events (2) how to align commerce with public health. We will also introduce an instructional game, Hunger Chain simulation (or Hunger Game), for students to experience the panic orders and hoarding under supply shortage, and to learn how to prevent such a meltdown of the supply chain.

Speaker: Dr. Yao Zhao (Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick)

Yao is a professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers University, he is also the co-director of the Supply Chain Analytics Lab at Rutgers. He is the recipient of the National Science Foundation Career Award on Manufacturing Enterprise Systems in 2008, the 1st prize of INFORM Case Writing Competition in 2014, the Dean’s Meritorious Teaching Award in 2016, a finalist of the DSI Instructional Innovation competition in 2019, and the Dean’s Research Professorship for 2019-2022.

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