Inside the 2PU' manufacturing plant in India.

EMBA alumnus businessman targets huge demand fueled by COVID outbreak

Manufacturing plant is producing masks, protective clothing and other supplies to the healthcare industry in India.

Rutgers Executive MBA alumnus Chinmay Das targeted a need in the global marketplace when he started his new company in India.

As the world reeled from the coronavirus pandemic last spring, Das opened a hospital supplies manufacturing plant that is producing three different types of protective masks, including N95 respirator masks. The company, 2PU (To Protect You) is also providing other essential products for the healthcare industry, from sanitizer and protective apparel to laboratory chemicals and medical office equipment. The products are being shipped to hospitals across India and exported to Sri Lanka.

Das is currently working on obtaining regulatory approval to sell masks and other products in the U.S. as well as Canada.

Part of the mask-making operation at 2PU in India.
The company is manufacturing masks and other products in heavy demand by the healthcare industry in India and around the world.

Rutgers EMBA alumnus Chinmay Das.
Chinmay Das

“I sincerely thank you for giving me the knowledge and confidence to start this,” Das wrote in a recent email to EMBA program director Farrokh Langdana. “I partnered with my friends in India, got machines from China, and raw materials from various parts of India to start the unit. A great experience so far, but a long way to go.”

Das said he is constantly drawing on the knowledge he gained in the EMBA program, from preparing financial statements to pricing his products.

Das completed the Rutgers EMBA program in 2019.

His company employs nearly 25 people. On its website, the company says its vision is to become “the leading manufacturer of healthcare supplies in India.” It also states that, among other things, its mission is to create more jobs for local people and to make India self-sufficient in healthcare essentials.

Das's company currently employs 25 workers.
The company currently employs 25 workers.

“I am delighted with the journey so far,” Das said. “Looking forward to making my products premier brands in India and globally.”

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