Executive MBA alumna is on the frontlines of Covid-19 pandemic

Rutgers Business School is showcasing alumni who are on the frontlines of the fight against Covid-19 in a social media campaign called #RBSAlumniRiseUp. To see more posts, go to Rutgers Business School’s Facebook page and LinkedIn account or follow @RBSC3 on Instagram.

Name: Dolly Abraham

Rutgers program: Completed an Executive MBA in 2016

Job: Regional Medical Director, Envision Physician Services

Her role in the fight against Covid-19: “I manage the hospitalist program.  We are in-patient physicians, with training in internal medicine who admit and treat Covid-19 patients. We are the physicians who have been responding to all of the emergencies and taking care of them. We have been inundated with patients with Covid-19 who are very, very sick. We are stressed and exhausted. There is a lot of strain emotionally, mentally and physically. Since there is a no visitor policy, the patients have not had their family at their bedside. It has been emotionally draining for the family and for us as we are delivering bad news. It is taking a toll on us.”    

What can the RBS family do to help? “Keep us in your prayers. Send us a card made by one of your kids just to keep the morale going for all the health care workers who are on the front lines.”

Her thoughts on Rutgers Business School: I am really proud of being an RBS alum. I learned a lot. I love the network that I built. It is a completely different family outside of my usual life and my other professional network.  Over the last week, my fellow alumni who I know and stay in touch with, they have done stuff like send food over to my house for dinner. Someone’s mom cooked and they dropped off food for me. We stay in touch and they keep checking on us to make sure we are ok. It means a lot. There is someone else who is rooting for you and looking out for you. I am even working with other fellow doctors who are Rutgers Business School EMBA alums.”

What would you like to share from the frontline: “As healthcare workers, we need people to maintain social distancing and stay at home. I want people to take the recommendations (from health officials) seriously. We see patients who have not taken them seriously. We have seen entire families who are Covid positive and not doing well. We really want the people out there to know that this is serious.”

As told to Sharon Lydon, associate dean of alumni and corporate engagement at Rutgers Business School.

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