On Giving Day, donate to Rutgers Business School's Finish Line Fund.

Giving Day fuels special fund that helps students finish college

Anthonette Gilzene, a new graduate of Rutgers Business School, is working full time at Passaic County Community College where she’s putting her business skills to work in the billing and payments office.

If it hadn’t been for Rutgers Business School’s Finish Line Fund, her ability to complete her undergraduate education and begin working full time might have been delayed. A glitch in her schedule left her one class short of completing her major in management. While she had pursued studies in social entrepreneurship and recording arts, she still needed to fulfill the requirement for her major.

The problem: Her financial aid would not cover the cost of the additional class. Her adviser told her about the Finish Line Fund and explained how it might help her with the expense.

Rutgers Business School Dean Lei Lei started the Finish Line Fund in 2016 as a way of directing Giving Day gifts to a specific use that would benefit students. The fund offers students who encounter financial difficulties in the semester leading up to graduation with the support they need to complete their education, or as Dean Lei has said, “to reach the finish line.”

On Giving Day, support the Finish Line Fund and help other students like Gilzene stay on course to achieve their goals! Click here to give.

“In just a short time, the Finish Line Fund has helped many hard-working students who faced the pressure of not being able to complete their college education due to unexpected financial hardship,” said Dean Lei Lei. “I invite everyone in the RBS family to offer a hand to our students and contribute to the Finish Line Fund on Giving Day.”

Rutgers Business School graduate Anthonette Gilzene
Rutgers Business School graduate Anthonette Gilzene said the Finish Line Fund was "very helpful" in ensuring that she completed college.

Gilzene, who hopes to run her own business one day, said the money she received paid her tuition and she covered the cost of her textbooks.

“It was a great surprise to me to learn about the Finish Line Fund, and it was very helpful in helping me to finish college,” she said.

On Giving Day, help to sustain the Finish Line Fund so other Rutgers Business School students will be given what they need to stay on course and reach graduation.

March 27 is Giving Day at Rutgers University. Think Bigger. Support Rutgers Business School by contributing to the Finish Line Fund.

On Giving Day, donations must be made before 11:59 p.m. on March 27th:

RBS Finish Line Fund - New Brunswick

RBS Finish Line Fund - Newark

Your contribution may be any amount as low as $5.

To contribute directly to the Finish Line Fund at any time, please go to this link and select “Rutgers Business School Dean’s Excellence Fund.”

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