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Hungarian Academy of Sciences names Professor Endre Boros among its newest members

Endre Boros, a distinguished professor of management science and information systems at Rutgers Business School, was recently elected a member of the prestigious Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Boros, who was born in Budapest, joined the Rutgers Center for Operations Research in 1989 after teaching at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. He has served as the center’s director since 2007.

The center, or RUTCOR as it is known informally, develops advanced analytical systems to guide decision-making in a wide variety of disciplines. In today’s business world, operations research is considered an essential tool to improve the efficiency of business and management.

Professor Boros’ research focuses on discrete methods of operations research and their application and his influence in the field is evident by his positions as editor-in-chief of the Annals of Operations Research and of Discrete Applied Mathematics.

"My old friend and teacher Gyula O.H. Katona sent me a one word email saying, 'Congratulations,' which I  did not take seriously at first," Boros said of his election to the academy. "I could believe it only after a day or so, when I heard the same from multiple sources. Of course, I feel very honored."

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the most prestigious and important scholarly organization in Hungary, is responsible for cultivating science, disseminating scientific findings, supporting research and representing Hungarian science around the world. It has stood on the banks of the Danube in Budapest since its formation in 1825.

The academy’s general assembly meets every two years to elect new members to its ranks. Once elected, an individual is a member for life. Boros is among four mathematicians elected as foreign or external members this year.

"I am very grateful to András Prékopa, Gyula O.H. Katona, Endre Szemerédi and Zoltán Füredi, who nominated me for this membership," Boros said. 

- Susan Todd

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