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New graduate program in marketing focuses on AI and other technology

The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Insights is designed to help marketing professionals enhance their ability to analyze and understand the data that drives strategy.

Rutgers Business School is offering a new master’s degree for marketing professionals who are interested in learning how to apply AI and other tech-driven tools to better analyze and understand data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing decisions.

The program is also designed for students with data analytics skills who want to use their knowledge in a marketing role.  

The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Insights offers a rich curriculum, covering topics relevant to professionals working in a field that has been transformed by technology. The emphasis on technology qualifies the program for a STEM designation, an additional benefit for international students interested in working in the U.S. while earning the master’s degree or upon graduation.

“The rapid advance in generative AI and data science has changed how marketers make decisions and create effective marketing programs,” said Professor S. Chan Choi, director of the Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Insights. “The program will benefit early- and middle-career marketing professionals who want to enhance their careers by training them with various AI and analytical tools and their applications.”

Learn more about the new Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Insights at an online information session on July 8 or July 25. Applications are currently being accepted. The deadline to apply to begin classes in the fall semester is Aug. 1. (Domestic students).

Students must take 30 credits to complete the master’s program, but there are many options for how they may do the program. They may choose to take classes in person or in a hybrid format. Students may choose to take courses full-time or part-time. On average, students who pursue the master’s on a full-time basis may complete their degree in a year.

For international students interested in Optional Practical Training, enrollment in the Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Insights Program may provide eligibility for a 36-month OPT. To graduate with a STEM-designation, half of a student’s coursework must be from the STEM curriculum. More information about STEM and OPT is available from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Choi said the new master’s program was designed with an extensive input from two dozen marketing executives from across the New York City region who sit on the board of advisors to Rutgers Business School’s academic marketing department.

The result of that real-world input is a curriculum that trains students in both marketing and data analytics, producing job candidates who are in demand by the industry. The program offers such courses as Applied AI in Marketing, Data Analysis, Visualization, Marketing Engineering and Customer Relationship Management.

“The program’s goal,” Choi said, “is to equip students with marketing backgrounds with cutting-edge analytical skills and to orient students with data analytics backgrounds to marketing applications.”















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