Job fairs give Rutgers Business School students opportunities to connect with prospective employers.

Preparing students for careers as working professionals

Career Management Specialist Sarah Kosakowski says freshman year isn't too early for students to begin career prep.

While grades are important, Rutgers Business School-Newark Career Management Specialist Sarah Kosakowski reminds students to keep their eye on the prize: landing internships and jobs that will propel their professional lives. RBS-Newark’s Office of Career Management runs 50 programs each academic year, creating opportunities for students and employers to connect, critiquing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, conducting mock interviews, and guiding students through the career-building process.

Q. How has the Office of Career Management handled students being off campus during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. "The office has created social media campaigns and virtual spaces to keep students connected. Everything we do in person — one-on-one counseling, career information sessions, networking, and club events — we’ve been able to do remotely. We’ve actually seen an increase in student engagement because access is a lot easier. Weve had more than 100 students on webinars for pre-interview workshops, career fairs, resume-writing workshops. We know Zoom fatigue is a real thing, so programs are as targeted and meaningful as possible."

Rutgers Business School Career Specialist Sarah Kosakowski
Sarah Kosakowski

Q.  When do you recommend RBS-Newark students start career prepping?

A. "It’s never too early to get engaged. For freshman, I recommend they take an introductory course in each of the majors RBS offers. For transfer students, the fall of junior year is go-time for internships, so they really need to hit the ground running. I encourage all of them to join a student organization and participate in case competitions. You have to get involved to build confidence and be willing to get outside your comfort zone."

Q. How do you connect with students?

A.  "I share my story of how I started in this field. I went to Rutgers - New Brunswick as an undergraduate, majoring in psychology with a minor in human resources. I was first generation, a transfer student, and I commuted, so I understand what their challenges are. When I took a required class in career management, I did an assessment and scored high in counseling. The professor invited me to become a peer ambassador for Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations. I loved working with students, assessing their strengths and what they like."

- Margaret McHugh



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