Rutgers Business School-Newark ranked among business schools with the best ROI

Poets & Quants released their 2019 ranking of business schools with the best five-year ROI.

To evaluate this return-on-investment, Poets & Quants compared the cost of attending a school for four years, against five times the average starting salary (representing five years of work) after graduation.

RBS-Newark ranked No. 28 in the nation according to the 2019 Poets & Quants report.

Poets & Quants wrote that, “an undergraduate degree remains one of the most important contributors to financial stability and achieving a higher socioeconomic level” despite the student loan debt that 45 million Americans currently manage.

Along with contemplating the ROI of their education, students looking to minimize the cost, and student loan debt after graduation, fare better at a public business school than a private.  In 2018 Poets & Quants ranked RBS-Newark the No. 7 public business school in the U.S. for in-state cost effectiveness when evaluating financial aid and tuition.

The significant investment of an education becomes a savvy investment in the long run considering ROI and cost. 

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