Rutgers Full-Time MBA student Marcos Londoño

Rutgers MBA prepared him for dream job

During the spring semester, Rutgers Business School will be showcasing undergraduate and graduate students who have accepted full-time job offers and summer internships in a special social media campaign called #RBSdreamjob. Full-Time MBA student Marcos Londoño is the first graduate student to be featured in the series. To see more students as they are featured in the campaign, follow Rutgers Business School’s Instagram accounts, @rutgersBSchool and @ru_business.

Name: Marcos Londoño

Program: Full-Time MBA - international student.

Concentrations: Marketing and Pharmaceutical Management

Graduation: May 2020

The job he accepted: After graduation, he will begin working for Syneos Health as a consultant with the commercial advisory group.

About the program: “Rutgers Business School has a great reputation for placing students in jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. If you have experience in the field, the Rutgers MBA program can prepare you for the next chapter of your career.”

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