A unique course will offer students a deep understanding of business in Israel, particularly its entrepreneurship ecosystem

A summer class set in Israel

A Rutgers Business School professor will lead a new summer course that introduces students to the entrepreneurial culture and business world inside Israel.

Gary Minkoff, who teaches entrepreneurship, said he wanted to create an opportunity for students to engage with a country that has an entrepreneurial mindset. The class, which runs from June 7-17, will enrich students studying business and inspire students with entrepreneurial ambitions, he said.

“We’re teaching entrepreneurship and innovation, so why not connect students with places where that’s happening,” Minkoff said.

The three-week long course, “Doing Business in Israel,” includes 11 days in Israel interacting with business people, university faculty and funders, visiting both startups and global high-tech companies, meeting with innovation leaders and touring universities. The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive and hands-on understanding of doing business in Israel, with a focus on the Israeli Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Students can expect to learn about Israel’s foothold in the aerospace, artificial intelligence, biometrics, clean technology cybersecurity, pharmaceutical engineering, robotics, venture investment industries.

“This course aims to plant many seeds for potential collaborations between Rutgers students and Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators,” Minkoff said.

Rutgers Business School students may qualify for a scholarship to help offset the cost of the course -- $2,200 excluding airfare. Students from other schools at Rutgers University may have similar funding available to then.

Students who are interested in the course must complete a brief survey. Those who are accepted into the class will be granted a special permission number to register, Minkoff said. For more information, students may contact Gary Minkoff at gminkoff@business.rutgers.edu or Alfred Blake at ablake@business.rutgers.edu.

Students must apply by April 18. Payment for the course is due by May 1.

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