Rutgers Business School students were among the "scholars" attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit.

Summit inspires students with entrepreneurial ambitions

Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick junior Shreya Prabhu felt awed when tennis great and entrepreneur Serena Williams took the stage at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit.

“She’s so confident, and when she said, ‘I’m the best at what I do,’ she said it so unapologetically. That was really inspirational,” said Prabhu, one of 11 RBS students named 2019 Forbes Under 30 Scholars.

One thousand college students from across the country were chosen as Forbes scholars. They were invited to a four-day convention that attracted thousands from around the world to hear from 200 top business leaders, influencers, athletes, and celebrities, and partake in high-level networking and festivities.

Rutgers Business School students attend Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit.
Rutgers Business School students, Alex Nguyen, Melissah Mensah, Riddhi Jain, Shreya Prahhu, Anjana Chandra and Sushant Gupt.

Rutgers Business School-Newark finance major Sophia Greene is an aspiring entrepreneur who plans to develop gadgets to make daily tasks easier. She found the summit’s startup hub helpful. Founders of dozens of startups talked to the scholars about their experiences building their business.

“They were genuinely honest about the entrepreneurial process,” she said.

As impressed as she was by the speakers, Greene said she most enjoyed being around other goal-driven students. “It was such a diverse, talented group from so many different universities,” the Rutgers junior said.

Rutgers Business School student Sophia Greene at the Forbes Under 30 Summit.
Junior Sophia Greene at the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Founders of startups were "genuinely honest" about the entrepreneurial process, Greene said.

Prabhu said she drew valuable information from Alexander Mars, who created the Epic Foundation to promote charitable giving. Prabhu, also a finance major, has set a goal of creating an education foundation for underprivileged children in India, where she was raised.

Other Forbes Under 30 Scholars from Rutgers Business School are: Sushant Gupt and Anjana Chandra, senior Manuella Casseus and juniors, Nanette Dande, Riddhi Jain, Melissa Mensah, Alex Nguyen and Janelle Taliaferro. RBS-Newark senior Jasmine Clarke is also a Forbes scholar.

- Margaret McHugh

Top photo courtesy of Rutgers Business School student Sophia Greene.


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