Technical Assistance

One-on-One Services

The Rutgers SBDC's services include:

  • Business Counseling
  • Business Plan Review
  • Business Mentoring & Site Visit
  • Loan Application Packaging
  • Business Resource Referrals
  • As to in-house Entrepreneur Catalog Resource Library

Criteria - who is eligible:

  • Any entrepreneur or small business owner seeking to start or expand a small business in Middlesex County.
  • All services are available by appointment.
  • Preregistration is required for business training services.
  • All clients are required to complete and sign a Request for Counseling form (RFC) before they can speak or meet with a business counselor.

Entrepreneur Q&A Sessions (schedule):

NJSBDC conducts weekly group Q&A sessions to discuss each businesses idea and inquiries. Group sessions are limited to 10 people per session. Q&A Sessions are held at our NJSBDC at Rutgers New Brunswick Office. To register call our office at: 848-445-8790.

Credit Management Program:

Established small businesses in Essex county who are SBDC clients have the opportunity to receive confidential, one-on-one, personal and business credit counseling from a Financial Management analyst. Clients need to be in the advanced stages of business development with the Center.

Loan Application Packaging:

We also assist established businesses with loan packaging. A business plan is require as this is a standard request for most loan application packages. If clients do not have a completed business plan they can use the following options:

  • Attend the 20hours business plan writing workshop
  • Referred to a consultants to assist the entrepreneur with writing the business plan
  • Provide on going technical assistance with the business plan while the client writes the plan

SBE/MBE/WBE Certification Program:

Vendors can use the Small Business Vendor Registration Form to be added to the State listing of vendors eligible to participate in New Jersey Set-Aside Program. The State of New Jersey Small Business Set-Aside program includes goals that 25% of state contracts and purchase order dollars be awarded to Small Business Enterprises (SBE). SBE registration will add your company's name to a state listing of vendors eligible to participate in these selected contract offerings.

Standards of Eligibility for "Small Business"

The state small business set-aside program's criteria, set forth in N.J.A.C. 12A:10 (N.J.A.C. 17:13 ) and N.J.A.C. 12A:10A (N.J.A.C. 14:14) is as follows:

For Goods and Services Contracts under Chapter 10, Small businesses with no more than 100 full-time employees will be registered in one of the following three categories:

  • Small Businesses whose gross revenues do not exceed $500,000
  • Small businesses whose gross revenues do not exceed $5 million
  • Small businesses whose gross revenues do not exceed $12 million

For State Construction Contracts under Chapter 10A, Small businesses with no more than 100 full-time employees will be registered as a company with gross revenues that do not exceed either $1 million or the applicable annual revenue standards set forth in 13 CFR 121.201, whichever is higher.

The business must be independently owned and operated, with management being responsible for both it's daily and long term operation.

  • Management owning at least 51% interest in the business.
  • Must be incorporated or registered to do business in the State and have its principal place of business in new Jersey , defined when:
    • 51% or more of its employees work in New Jersey supported by paid New Jersey unemployment taxes.
    • 51% or more of its business operations/activities occur in New Jersey supported by income and/or business tax returns.
  • The business must be a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation with 100 or fewer employees in full-time positions, not including:
    • Seasonal and part-time employees employed for less than 90 days, if seasonal and casual part-time employment are common to that industry and
    • Consultants employed under contracts for which the business wants to be eligible as a small business.

To apply for small business registration, complete the Registration Form and submit it along with the annual registration fee of $100.00 in check or money order (DO NOT SEND CASH!) payable to "NJ Commerce".

Your submittal should be returned to:

NJ Commerce and Economic Growth Commission

Office of Business Services

20 West State Street

PO Box 820

Trenton , NJ 08625-0820

Women & Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) Certifications:

To receive a package please contact NJSBDC at Rutgers New Brunswick at (848)445-8790. Business must be 51% Women-owned or 51% Minority-owned and located in NJ to qualify for the WBE and/or MBE certifications.