Journal of Regulatory Economics

Center for Research in Regulated Industries

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Regulatory Economics serves as a high quality forum for the analysis of regulatory theories and institutions by developing the rigorous economics foundations of regulation. Both theoretical and applied works, including experimental research, are encouraged. Research in all aspects of regulation is of interest including traditional problems of natural monopoly, deregulation, new policy instruments, health and safety regulation, environmental regulation, insurance and financial regulation, hazardous and solid waste regulation, and consumer product regulation. The JRE provides researchers, policy-makers, and institutions with current perspectives on the theory and practice of economics of regulation. JRE is unique in that it fills a gap in the market for a high quality journal dealing solely with the economics of regulation.

Submission Policies

JRE is published bimonthly. It offers expedited handling and publication of manuscripts. Every effort is made to provide decisions within two months of receipt of manuscripts. The publication schedule for articles is expedited by the submission of accepted articles on electronic media to the editor.

Authors should submit their manuscripts online at Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times.

If this is the first time using the web-based system, it is necessary to REGISTER on the Springer site. Please follow this link to register:

After you are assigned a username and password, please follow the hyperlink “Submit online” on the right of the Springer website and upload all of your manuscript files following the instructions given on the screen.

There is no submission fee. For articles which are accepted for publication, there is no page charge for articles which are submitted on electronic media according to the JRE instructions and which do not exceed sixteen typeset pages. However there are page charges for accepted papers that exceed sixteen pages in the final publication.

Accepted articles should be prepared according the JRE's Style Instructions on the Editorial Manager website.


Charge for excess pages: accepted papers which are in excess of sixteen typeset pages will incur a page charge of $100 per typeset page to the nearest quarter page for all pages over sixteen.

Subscription Information

The JRE is published bimonthly by Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. (formerly Kluwer Academic Publishers). Please visit Springer's website for subscription orders and sample copies:

Editorial Board of the Journal of Regulatory Economics


Michael A. Crew, Director - Center for Research in Regulated Industries, CRRI Professor of Regulatory Economics, Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick, Rutgers University

Associate Editors

John Panzar, Northwestern University
David E.M. Sappington, University of Florida
David S. Sibley, University of Texas at Austin

Editorial Board Members

Germà Bel, University of Barcelona
David Besanko, Northwestern University
Kenneth D. Boyer, Michigan State University
Timothy J. Brennan, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Hung-Po Chao, ISO New England
Simon Cowan, University of Oxford
Philippe De Donder, University of Toulouse
Patrick DeGraba, Federal Trade Commission
Joseph A. Doucet, University of Alberta
Richard J. Green, Imperial College Business School
Anthony Heyes, University of Ottawa
William W. Hogan, Harvard University
Andrew N. Kleit, Pennsylvania State University
Stephen C. Littlechild, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Thomas P. Lyon,University of Michigan Business School
David M. Mandy, University of Missouri
John W. Mayo, Georgetown University
Timothy D. Mount, Cornell University
David Parker, Cranfield University
Sam Peltzman, University of Chicago
Robin A. Prager, Federal Reserve Board
Ian Savage, Northwestern University
Sherill Shaffer, University of Wyoming
Menahem Spiegel, Rutgers University
John K. Stranlund, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Robert Taggart, Boston College
Thomas H. Tietenberg, Colby College
Ingo Vogelsang, Boston University
Dennis Weisman, Kansas State University
John S. Ying, University of Delaware